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Dear Valued DUSA Members and Friends,


We are delighted to inform that 6th Smart Manufacturing Application Sharing (SMAS) Forum will be held on 

我们很高兴地通知大家,第六届智能制造发展与运用大会 将于

March 29th - 30th, 2023


on Kempinski Hotel Suzhou.


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We have been witnessing a steady and accelerating inflation since the end of 2020. Sharply rising price of raw material, energy and labor for manufacturing companies cannot be passed on fully and rapidly enough so that the increasing costs are threatening companies' margins.

At the same time, the automotive industry is in full swing of transformation towards E-Mobility introducing new products and technologies, which requires new processes for mass production. Thus, more challenges and cost products are brought forth to the manufacturing companies.

This year, the SMAS Forum will cover the two themes – Digitalization & Data Security and Smart Manufacturing. Over two days, our speakers will introduce Applications helping to learn how significant cost saving can be achieved.



Digitalization & Data Security:

In the first part of the 2023 SMAS Forum, we will focus on the Business Processes in Digital Engineering and Applications of Digital Technologies helping to digitize and automate the processes.

Companies are facing an enormous pressure to reduce costs within their organization, supply chain and manufacturing to compensate for increasing costs of parts. Manufacturing companies spent decades focusing on perfectionating factory shopfloors using lean manufacturing principles and years using digital technologies. As a consequence, automation and efficiency have reached very high levels making it more and more difficult to make big leaps to reduce costs. At the same time, only little efforts were made to make their enterprise operation processes as lean and automatized as their shopfloors are, leaving tremendous potential for significant cost saving. Our speakers, will introduce digital and AI technologies and its applications in as well as successful use cases across industries covering various business processes.



Smart Manufacturing:

The automotive industry is key industry. In the second part of the SMAS Forum we will look into the latest typical Smart Manufacturing Applications introduced by OEMS as well as TIER 1 and TIER 2 suppliers.

Intelligent, Integrated, Connected, Lightweight are the leading trends of the Vehicle industry. These strong trends are pushing automotive companies to introduce new technologies and products. The required new production on processes allowing mass production on are often very challenging. The consequent usage of Smart Manufacturing technologies from day is a great opportunity to reduce the time-to-market and the costs at the same time. Our speakers will introduce the new technologies and products as well as the Smart Manufacturing Applications helping to mass produce.



Highlights | 论坛亮点:

  • Meet with Leading Experts from top enterprises and universities opportunities | 与名企、高校权威专家沟通交流
  • Network with 1000+ attendees | 与现场1000余位观众互动
  • Dive into relevant topics in workshops with our experts | 与行业专家深入探讨
  • Experience and test applications at the on-site demo booths | 现场设有展台,可观摩行业先进产品及应用


Ticket Price

DUSA Member Tickets | DUSA 会员票:

  • RMB 399/person for 1 day | 一日票: ¥399/位
  • RMB 799/person for 2 days | 二日票:¥799/位

Non DUSA Member Tickets | 非DUSA 会员票:

  • RMB 499/person for 1 day | 一日票: ¥499/位
  • RMB 899/person for 2 days | 二日票:¥899/位