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Dear DUSA Members and Friends,

This is the last call of DUSA Training "Sales Strategy in the Economic Downturn" on December 26. 

Times are tough. Companies are cutting back, people are tightening their belts, and many decision-makers are holding off on major purchases. However, your sales targets have NOT been reduced. Selling in a difficult economy requires different approaches than during a robust one. | 日子不好过。很多公司正在削减开支,老百姓在勒紧裤带过日子,许多决策者也在推迟大规模购买。然而,你的销售目标并没有减少。在严酷的经济形势下需要有不同的销售方法。

Join us in this half-day training course where you will find out: | 加入我们这个半天的培训课程,你会发现:

  • What you should, and what you shouldn't be doing when selling in tough times; | 在经济低迷时期销售,你应该和不应该做的;
  • Who should be, and who shouldn't be your target customers in a tough economy; | 在经济低迷时期,你的目标客户应该/不应该是哪些;
  • How to handle price negotiations during a tough economy? | 在经济低迷时期,如何处理价格谈判?

Training Outline 课程大纲

Key Sales Focus during Tough Economic Times | 经济低迷时期的重点销售任务

  • Tough times don't last but tough people do; | 经济低迷不会持续太久,但有志者事竟成;
  • Developing new businesses; | 开通新客户;
  • Preparation for longer sales cycles; | 为更长的销售周期做准备;
  • Justifying your value; | 证实你的价值;
  • Building trust and credibility. | 建立信任和信誉。


Working with Customers in a Tough Economy | 如何在经济低迷时期与客户合作

  • How do customers buy in a tough economy? | 客户在经济低迷时期如何进行采购?
  • How you need to spend more time and resources with fewer qualified customers? | 如何将更多的时间和资源用在少数的合适客户上?
  • How to advance your sale during tough economic times? | 如何在经济低迷时期推进你的销售?
  • How to handle price negotiations?| 如何进行价格谈判?


Bilingual 中英双语


  • Mr. C.J. Ng (Executive Director of Directions Management Consulting Co., Ltd)

    Mr. C.J. Ng

    Executive Director of Directions Management Consulting Co., Ltd

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