Dear CEO/ General Manager/ HR manager,

DUSA and its annual partner, C_Life Lifelong Learners Community (CLLC), a not-for-profit community that advocates lifelong learning with a systematic methodology, has worked together to jointly build a talent development platform to offer affordable talent development programs to young talents of DUSA member companies.


The first such program is named 'ACHIEFER Dares series' which echoes the DUSA DARE quarterly event as we expect the participating hi-po (high potential) talents, in addition to the learning in the course hours designed in the series, to also take on roles in DARE events to hone their soft skills.

9 participants from 4 DUSA member companies completed the "Communication Competency" module recently and they unanimously recommend to others the series with innovative design, combining the theme-related learning with real work-related projects and mentoring/ coaching companionship by the C_Life coaches.

Three important features of the series is that


1.  despite learning resources are in a mixed English/ Chinese bilingual format, the instruction language is in Chinese;

2.  unlike single, stand-alone training, this series spans a longer period of time and the hi-po talents' competencies development are made possible by work scenario PBL (project based learning); the C_Life coaches act as companions along the learning journey with milestones, giving individualized feedback and follow-up coaching & mentoring support;

3.  the series consists 3 blocks of 1st block of 3 months, 2nd block of 3 months and a 3rd block of 6 months with an average of 8-10 learning hours per month (mix of online and offline); each block focuses on respectively one of the three competencies and in the order of - communication (1st 3 months), learning (2nd 3 months) and project management (3rd block of 6 months) - which are the foundational competencies for young talents; whether a participant proceeds to the next block depends on the appraisal at the end of each block. 


Please refer to the attached PDF for more detailed descriptions.

Important notes:

# The series will be run in the above-mentioned sequence cycle after cycle and any participant can join any module without having to complete the previous module first. 

# The upcoming module - "Learning Competency" - is the most important and foundational one among all competencies. Having built up learning ability will enable your sponsored hi-po talents to acquire other skills more effectively and also to work with stronger cognitive & problem-solving abilities. 

If your company does not have the scale of economies to develop a similar talent development program and you do have a few hi-po talents to develop for your current and future business challenges, please fill the registration form by clicking the register button "Register Now" to provide your estimated number of participants you would like to sponsor to join this "Learning Competency" module at the end of June. We have only the capacity of accepting a total of 8 -10 participants and will try to allocate the vacancies fairly to interested companies.


ACHIEFER Dares Series (SME Talent Dev Platform) - design methodology-en&cn.C_Life240527.pdfdownload


DUSA Member Ticket (one block of 3 months)
Standard Price RMB 2,700

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