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Dear DUSA Members and Friends,


In today's "What's New with DUSA Members" session, we are delighted to share with you the exciting news from our member - B&R Enclosures.

November 8th, 2018 | Suzhou, China

B&R Enclosures Opens New Factory in China

Australia's market leader B&R Enclosures opens new factory in Suzhou, China, following years of strong growth. With the addition of a new China facility, B&R's global manufacturing footprint now exceeds 40'000 m2.

B&R Enclosures has upgraded their capability to offer turn-key solutions to the local and international markets including mechanical and electrical design, engineering, manufacturing, project and supply chain management services.



At the opening ceremony of the new facility, CEO for B&R Group, Mr Ken Bridges, General Manager of B&R China, Mr Marko Dimitrijevic, Australian Consul General Mr Graeme Meehan and Director of Suzhou Industrial Park CBD Investment Promotion Centre, Ms. Zhu Xiaoyan were in attendance and delivered speeches to their guests. Key customers, suppliers and company friends also attended the event.

在新厂开业典礼上,宾达集团的首席执行官Ken Bridges先生,宾达中国总经理Marko Dimitrijevic先生,澳洲总领事Graeme Meehan先生和苏州工业园区CBD投资促进中心主任朱晓焱女士出席并向嘉宾致辞。主要客户、供应商和公司朋友也参加了此次活动。

Mr Ken Bridges said: "Our Suzhou facility is built and operated with the same dedication to advanced manufacturing technology, engineering standards, commitment to quality and approach to employee safety, health and welfare that is the hallmark of the B&R business globally."

Ken Bridges先生表示:"苏州工厂的制造技术、标准、员工安全和产品质量与我们在澳大利亚的所有制造设施相同。我们对苏州工业园区的进一步投资,有力地表达了我们对中国经济的信心,也反映了苏州工业园区招商中心的宝贵支持。"

Mr. Graeme Meehan said: "Australia and China enjoy close economic and trade relations. Australian companies such as B&R are contributing to advancing and deepening that relationship."

Graeme Meehan先生表示:"澳中两国经贸关系密切,像宾达这样的澳大利亚公司正在推动和深化这种关系。"

Ms Zhu Xiaoyan said: "Since its investment in 2011 in Suzhou, B&R is committed to provide innovative solutions for electrical and telecom industry, with the leading technology, excellent service and constant innovation. B&R has made important contributions to the high-end manufacturing industry in Suzhou SIP. The opening of the new factory in SIP is a strategic move of B&R Enclosures to implement the industrial 4.0 development plan, and an important move to deepen its roots in SIP."


Mr Marko Dimitrijevic said: "This factory has been designed with intention to apply Industry 4.0 technologies and energy-efficient manufacturing. All manufacturing equipment and facility installations are managed via B&R's self-developed factory automation "SmartBox" system which monitors equipment utilisation, controls LED lights, air-conditioning and compressed air systems, in efforts to maximize equipment utilisation and minimize energy consumption. Work instructions, order processing, and quality reports are managed via iPads: a step towards paperless factory."

Marko Dimitrijevic先生表示:"这个工厂的设计意图是应用工业4.0技术和节能制造。所有制造设备和设施都通过B&R自己开发的工厂自动化'SmartBox'系统进行管理,该系统监控设备的使用情况,控制LED灯、空调和压缩空气系统,以最大限度地提高设备的利用率,并将能源消耗降至最低。工作指南、订单处理和质量报告都是通过iPads管理的:这是迈向无纸化工厂的一步。"

B&R maintains a strong focus on its employees, with the new Suzhou offices equipped with central air-purifying system, as well as recreational facility. Combined with our personal development programs and culture of continuous improvement, with the aim of making B&R a desired employer providing a great place to work.


About B&R Enclosures

B&R was established in 1955, and remains a family owned Australian-headquartered business with design centres and manufacturing facilities in Australia, China, Malaysia and Middle East. Our client portfolio includes both large multinationals and small companies operating in industrial, hazardous, data, residential & commercial markets. In addition to wide range of standard off-the-shelf solutions, we also pride ourselves on our ability to create custom-made engineered solutions for specific applications. Our products are manufactured to the very highest International Standards, using high-quality materials, advanced technology and skilled design engineers.


B&R Enclosures Official Website:  https://www.brenclosures.com.cn/

New site address: Building 45, Chuangtou Industrial Zone, Suzhou Industrial Park 215026 P. R. China