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Today this page features news from DUSA and DUSA member: MODULA (China) Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

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"5G in Manufacturing Plants"

Smart Factory Kunshan (5:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

November 28 - SEA 2019 Autumn-Winter Seminars by IBSS, XJTLU

"The Future of Public- Private Partnerships"


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December 3 - InterChamber Christmas Mixer

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December 4 - DUSA Social Gathering

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December 11 - DUSA Christmas Dinner

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January 8 - DUSA Social Gathering

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February 12 - DUSA Social Gathering

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February 14 - DUSA Training

"Problem Solving"


New Office

We are also glad to announce that DUSA's office moved from Xinghai Square to Modern Media Plaza in SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park) in July, 2019.

Below is the address of new DUSA Office:

Address: Room 2209, 22F, Modern Media Plaza Center, No.265, Suzhou East Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou

地址: 江苏省苏州市苏州工业园区苏州大道东265号现代传媒广场22楼2209室 

News from MODULA China


13th November 2019



Modula (China) Grand Opening Ceremony was officialy held in Suzhou SIP 

  • 总投资5000万美元 | Total investment 50 million US Dollars;
  • 占地25000平方米 | An area about 25,000 sqm;
  • 主要从事自动化设备的研发、生产和销售和售后 | Main scope: production of VLM, R&D, Sales and Aftersales;
  • 公司引入了两条先进全自动生产设备 | Two completely automated production lines;



Modula China will become one of the biggest production plant for the Group

在热闹非凡的开业表演中,摩登纳(中国)自动化设备有限公司就此拉开了帷幕。 | The inauguration of the ceremony started with a live show.

在主持人简短的介绍下,拉开了开幕仪式。| After a brief introduction of the host, the Ceremony was officially started. 

摩登纳集团董事长 Mr. Franco Stefani, 意大利对外贸易委员会副会长 Ms. Valentina Petroli, 意大利商会副会长 Mr. Valtero Canepa, 意大利领事馆领事 Ms. Ludovia Maria Murazzani 以及苏州工业园区政府领导孙女士纷纷在现场热烈的气氛中致辞。| Followed by speeches from the Chairman of the Gorup, Mr. Franco Stefani, ICE-ITA Vice Director Ms. Valentina Petroli, CICC Vice President Mr. Valtero Canepa, Italian Consulate Ms. Ludovica Maria Murazzani and Suzhou SIP Goverment representative Ms. Sun.

通过发言让大家了解了摩登纳,作为一个不断创新、开拓、进取的伟大企业,一直在不断努力开创更加美好的未来。| This investment represents once again the commitment of Modula to the Chinese market.  


Moment of ribbon cutting

近年来摩登纳充分发挥自身的优势,抓住园区投资先进的环境和自贸区升级的机遇,积极寻求新的发展模式,将外界优势转变为自身发展优势。| In recent years, MODULA has made full use of its own advantages, seized the opportunities of the Industrial Park, seeked actively new development models, and transformed the external opportunities into its own development advantages.

New address of MODULA (China) Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.: | 摩登纳(中国)自动化设备有限公司新地址:

No.7 Fangzhou Road, Suzhou Industrial Park | 苏州工业园区方洲路7号

Website | 网址:

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