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Dear DUSA Members and Friends,

Thank you for supporting the DUSA/Hays Salary Guide 2020. | 感谢各位对苏州欧洲商会与瀚纳仕合作的2020薪酬指南调研的支持。

Despite optimistic projections, 2019 meted out market uncertainties that had some industries bracing for impact. Marked by continued digital innovation and a slowing global economy, 2020 is expected to be a period of measured hiring and compensation where candidates must prove their worth and companies must match growing expectations to attract and retain them. | 尽管有乐观的预测,但2019年市场存在的不确定性仍令一些行业面临了冲击。持续的数字化创新和不断放缓的全球经济也令2020年的招聘与薪酬前景趋于保守。候选人必须证明自己的价值,而企业也必须满足不断增长的预期,以吸引和留住人才。

To guide both jobseekers and businesses through the complex recruitment landscape that lies ahead, DUSA and Hays would like to invite you to a complimentary and educational webinar on the findings of our Asia Salary Guide 2020. The guide includes insights from our in-house recruitment experts and survey responses from close to 6,000 hiring managers and professionals across Asia. | 为了指导求职者和企业应对未来复杂的招聘形势,我们诚邀你参加苏州欧洲商会与瀚纳仕合办的《2020年亚洲薪酬指南》线上发布会江苏场。该指南涵盖了瀚纳仕招聘专家团队的专业见解,以及来自亚洲各地近6,000名招聘经理和专业人士的调查反馈。

We've also launched a survey and will share with you our findings especially for Jiangsu Province.  | 本次江苏专场,苏州欧洲商会与瀚纳仕共同进行了一次调研,并整合了超过200多名江苏地区人力资源专业人士的薪酬调研数据与你分享。

Register now to hear our expert take on what lies ahead for recruitment and compensation in China, as well as Jiangsu Province. | 现在注册,了解招聘专家对中国及江苏招聘趋势和薪酬变化的看法。


Please register before April 6th, 2020. 

Please download the APP "GoToWebinar" in ISO system or "GoToMeeting" in Android system in advance. We will send the code of the webinar to you on April 7th. Kindly ensure your e-mail address is valid, and please try also to check your junk mail just in case.

If you have any questions during the registration, please contact | 如您在注册中有任何疑问,请联系:

Maggie Chen, mobile phone: 180 5104 2137 E-mail:









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