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Dear DUSA Members and Friends,

We are delighted to invite you to attend this online training course. | 我们很高兴地邀请您参加此次在线培训课程

This course will provide solutions to the following questions about Excel. | 本课程主要解决Excel使用过程中的以下问题:

  • Collation and conversion of irregular data: | 不规范数据的整理与转换:

How to extract data, Chinese and English from a text string, mass convert incalculable data, and correct erroneous data quickly. | 如何从文本中提取数字、中文和英文,批量转换不可计算数据,以及快速修正错误数据等。

  • Computer is lagging or freezing because of large volume of data: |  数据量大时文件卡慢:

It is inefficient to process, calculate and analyze data in conventional methods with growing amount of business data. | 很多公司的业务数据量越来越大,用常规的方法处理、计算和分析效率低下。

  • Consolidated analysis of multi-source data: | 多来源数据的合并分析:

Multi-source data will make the data preparation very tedious and affect business analysis. | 数据会来自多个部门或集群,数据分散,需要周期性更新,前期的数据准备非常繁琐,无法保证足够的时间聚焦于业务分析。

  • Path-dependence: |  路径依赖:

Be overdependent on experience and cannot solve problems with new ideas and methods. | 碰到问题依赖于过往的操作经验,无法以新的思路和方法解决新问题。

Course Features | 课程特色

  1. The training content combines with the years of business analysis experience of the trainer; | 所有知识讲解均结合老师多年的业务分析经验,让案例更加深入工作;
  2. Participatory teaching with a large number of real case examples; | 讲解与互动双管齐下, 大量的案例练习,让知识点在课堂全部吸收;
  3. All cases are extracted from the real work to help in both methodology and practical applications. | 所有案例内容均从真实工作中提炼,培训后学员可以立即学以致用。


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