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The language of this training course is Chinese, and the event invitation is bilingual. 


Training Introduction | 课程介绍

The methods of cost structure analysis include the analysis of types of costs, cost behavior and break-even analysis. Especially the last three years have shown us that the days of cheap raw material, energy sources, and logistics costs are gone. These changes directly threaten the profitability of companies. Each method focuses on a different part of a company's business activity to determine how efficiently and effectively the company completes activities. Common cost types include fixed costs, variable costs and marginal costs, sunk costs, and opportunity costs. To ensure that the company stays competitive, everyone needs to continuously improve the processes and relentlessly evaluate these cost types.


Target Audience | 培训对象

This training was developed for non-financial personnel, e.g. experienced supervisors/managers of the purchasing and production department as well as general managers. 


Outline | 培训大纲

  • Introduction to cost structure from a financial and management perspective | 从财务、管理角度来介绍成本结构 
  • Cost structure theory | 成本结构理论 
  • Fixed costs and variable costs | 固定成本和可变成本 
  • Direct material costs, direct labor costs, indirect costs | 直接材料成本、直接人工成本、间接成本 
  • Cost transfer and reduction | 成本转移和减少 
  • Case studies and analysis | 案例研究和分析 
  • Applications in manufacturing | 制造中的应用 
  • Applications in purchasing and supplier cost management | 采购和供应商成本管理中的应用

Language | 语言

Chinese | 中文

Ticket Price | 票价

DUSA Member Ticket: RMB 300 / person

Non-member Ticket: RMB 600/ person

Agenda | 日程安排

Trainer | 培训讲师

  • Chunfeng Shen (Trainer at GAMI  (Global Advanced Manufacturing Institute))

    Chunfeng Shen

    Trainer at GAMI (Global Advanced Manufacturing Institute)

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Organizers | 组织者


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