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In an organization, managers in the middle of hierarchical layers are the bridge between those top managers and the front-line employees. This type of role is challenging, however, because it requires being both a proactive leader to direct reports and an engaged follower to the top management. Meanwhile, most middle managers are professionals in their fields, they also need to handle routine work day-to-day. Therefore, some of them are too busy to improve their management style and management skills.| 组织中,处于层级中间的经理通常是高层经理和基层员工关系的桥梁。这种类型的角色具有挑战性,因为他需要同时成为领导下属的积极领导者和高层管理人员的主动追随者。同时大部分中层经理也是本领域的专业人士,他们每天也需要处理很多日常的工作。这就造成一些中层经理无暇顾及改进自己的管理风格及提升自己的管理能力。

In this training, the trainer will lead trainees to identify their own leadership styles and understand the advantages and disadvantages of their own leadership styles by analyzing the four leadership styles and inspire the self-change. Then middle managers may maintain motivation, successful interpersonal relationships in the future work and are in possession of sophisticated communications skills and the knack to mediate and find common grounds between actors at different levels in the organization. | 本次课程中,培训师会带领大家通过分析四种领导风格,认识自己的领导风格并了解这种领导风格的优缺点并引发自我改变。从而帮助中层经理们在今后的工作中能够保持激励、成功的人际关系并且拥有成熟的沟通技巧,以及掌握在组织中不同级别的参与者之间进行调解和找到共同点的诀窍。

This training is one module of the certified course of Carnegie. Every trainee will receive the certificate signed by DUSA and Carnegie after the training. | 本课程是卡内基认证课程的一个模块。在培训结束后,每月学员将获得由DUSA和卡内基签发的培训证书。

Outline | 培训大纲


●Understand the challenge and opportunity from changes | 认识目前改变带来的机会和挑战;

●Commit to principles of dealing with changes | 探讨符合需求的有效应对改变的原则;

●Adjust the personal patterns and attitudes | 能调整作为管理者的惯性和态度。


• Identify the characteristics of four Leadership Styles | 能了解四种领导力风格的特性;

• Assess own leadership style | 会评估自己的领导力风格;

• Understand and accept people of different leadership style | 能更了解并接纳不同领导力风格的同事;

• Work effectively with people of other leadership styles | 与不同领导力风格的同事有效合作。


Chinese | 中文

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  • The epidemic prevention requirements of the training venue will be sent to all registrants by email one day before the event. Please check your inbox and the junk emails as well. | 培训场地的防疫政策将在培训开始前一天通过邮件发送给各位。请注意查收,也请查看您的垃圾邮箱。



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