Dear Valued Members of DUSA,


The DUSA team would like to express our appreciation for your continuous support in 2023. In 2024, we will keep on supporting your business by providing more value-added services and products. We hope you found our work valuable and would like to invite you to renew your membership for 2024. 


DUSA 2024 membership renewal starts in January, 2024.


DUSA membership fee is as below: 

**The membership fee was approved by eligible voters at DUSA 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on April 2nd, 2019

Term of Membership: January 1st, 2024 to December 31st, 2024.

DUSA Membership Types and Qualifications

Corporate Members:

These companies are typically manufacturing products and they wish to join DUSA because they want to, primarily, attend, participate and learn during DUSA's various activities, such as Round Tables, Captain's Dinners etc. Their main interest is to benefit from DUSA's goal towards providing 'information, collaboration & networking'.

Large Corporate - Manufacture

Corporate Member with > 20 employees

Membership Rights:

-Participant and voting right at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

-Participation to DUSA Roundtables, Social Gatherings, Workshops, and other events.

-5 persons' access rights to DUSA website, If a company requires more membership access rights, a fee of 500 RMB each individual needs to be paid.

-Enjoy other membership benefits which are mentioned in DUSA Articles of Association (AOA).

Small Corporate - Manufacture

Corporate Member with < 20 employees

Membership Rights: 

-Same with Corporate Member with > 20 employees.

Service Members:

These companies are offering products or services to other companies or individuals. 

Membership Rights:

-Same with those of Corporate Members.

Associate Members:

These companies are Chinese companies (Shareholders are only Chinese). 

Chinese companies (Shareholders are only Chinese)

Membership Rights:

-Same with those of Corporate Members, except "Elections & the right to stand for election" DUSA Board. Percentage is less or equal to 20% of total members

Individual Members:

This is a limited membership which only applies to foreigners who work in a local manufacturing company and this company does not wish to or cannot join DUSA as Corporate Member.

Membership Rights:

-Same with those of Corporate Members, except that Individual Members can not be elected as Chairman or Vice-Chairman of DUSA Board.

Please feel free to contact us to check your membership type. Contact details are listed below. 

DUSA Bank Account

Membership fee can be paid by bank transfer to DUSA Bank Account with details below. VAT invoice will be delivered to your company address after the payment is received.

Company Name 公司名称:苏州道知行咨询管理有限公司

Bank 开户行:上海浦东发展银行苏州分行工业园区支行

Account Number 账号:89040154740003728

Contact Us

We are happy to hear your opinions and suggestions on DUSA. Please contact DUSA service team:


DUSA Business Manager: Michelle Xue (for detailed information about the DUSA membership and how to join DUSA)

Mobile: +86 1855 1283 058

e-mail: biz@dusa-eu.cn

DUSA Secretary: Maggie Chen (for membership renewal and proforma invoice)

Mobile: +86 1805 1042 137

e-mail: info@dusa-eu.cn

DUSA Accountant: Rebecca Wu (for payment and invoice)

e-mail: rebecca@dusa-eu.cn

Thank You and Best Regards,


The DUSA Team

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