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Carbon Neutrality and Net Zero is a growing concern for countries, corporations, and civil society. Leading economies such as the European Union (EU) and China also announced sweeping plans to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions to slow the pace of climate change.


For manufacturing companies, as stakeholders demand more environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts, regulations tighten and consumers increasingly expect brands to take action, they must now demonstrate that they are purposeful about sustainability, hold strong ethical standards and operate responsibly in everything they do.


Successful companies realise that action on climate is critical to their success. These companies reap the rewards of increased revenue, reduced costs, engaging stakeholders and reduced risks.

At this Roundtable, we are delighted to invite Nathalie Ieong, Operation Manager of TERAO Asia to provide  a comprehensive explanation of carbon footprint, how to calculate it, and how to set up an action plan toward reduction & neutrality and Stefano Rassano, General Manager of FUTURASUN Energy (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. to give some examples about how the clean and sustainable energy sources contribute to the goal of carbon neutrality. In the panel discussion session, Shell Wang, Founder of Suzhou DOBE Environment Technology Service Co. Ltd, will share some government policies and regulations about the CO2 emission in the panel discussion session. 


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About TROX Air Conditioning Components (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

TROX Air Conditioning Components (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 

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TROX China is a fully owned subsidiary of TROX GMBH and established in July, 2001.

The Headquarter of TROX GMBH is located in Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany. For the last over 60 years, TROX has been developing and manufacturing high quality products and systems for the air conditioning and ventilation industry.

Along with the company's Head Office and 3 modern production facilities in Germany, TROX has manufacturing facilities in China, Great Britain, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Brazil, South Africa, Malaysia and Norway. A total of 30 subsidiaries, their pertaining sales offices and over 50 agencies in all continents assure that the air is good, that there is less dust and less noise and that there is maximum protection against fire and smoke in air conditioned rooms.


TROX's major products are air diffusers, air-water systems, filter units and filter media, control units, attenuators, fire dampers, smoke detectors, laboratory control systems etc. TROX has first-class laboratories, which provide reliable techniques and quality control for its products. Every production plant has advanced equipment and a strict managerial system, guaranteeing high efficiency in production and promptness in delivery.  



    妥思总部坐落在德国的纽克芬林,创立于1951年。在过去的70多年中, 妥思一直运用自身实力,不断地研制和开发新产品,为空气调节和通风行业提供了高质量的产品. 除德国3个现代化生产基地外, 公司还在中国, 英国, 瑞士, 西班牙, 意大利, 巴西, 马来西亚和南非建有生产基地. 在全世界范围内, 公司拥有30家子公司, 各子公司有其相应的销售处, 另外还有超过50家代理商. 所有这些确保了妥思的产品给客户提供优质的空气, 清洁的环境, 并确保了空调环境下的防火防烟实效。

     妥思主要生产各类风口, 气水系统, 过滤器,控制器, 消音器, 工业阀, 防火阀, 防烟阀, 变风量等通风空调末端设备,具有世界先进水平的实验室,为新产品的研制和开发提供了可靠的技术和品质保证。每一个生产基地都配备了先进的现代化生产设备和严格的管理体系,充分保证了生产的高效和及时准确的供货。

TROX Air Conditioning Components (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 

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