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DUSA European Association Suzhou is delighted to announce that the DUSA Badminton Tournament 2023 is coming!

DUSA Badminton Tournament 2023 will be held on October 21st (Saturday).

The location will be the Badminton Gym, Du Shu Lake Sports Center

We would like to invite you and your team to participate in this year's tournament.

Features in 2023

  • Teams and members: The competition plans to recruit 16 teams, each team consists of 4-10 athletes, including at least 1 female athlete. | 队伍和队员:本次比赛计划招募16支队伍每组报名人数为4-10人,必须有至少一名女队员

  • The tournament Items:  men's singles, women's singles and mixed doubles. | 比赛项目:男子单打,女子单打及混合双打三项比赛。

  • Awards: team champion, runner-up, and the second runner-up. | 奖项设置为:团体冠、亚、季军

  • Agenda | 日程安排:

 8:30 - 8:50 Registration | 签到

8:50 - 9:00 Opening | 开幕仪式

9:00-12:00 Group Stage | 小组赛;

13:00-16:25 Knock-out Rounds | 淘汰赛


The registration opens to | 本次比赛对以下人员开放报名:

  • DUSA member companies | DUSA会员公司;

  • DUSA Individual members and employees from member companies who don't have enough players are welcome to join in our DUSA-All-Star-Team. | 另外,我们欢迎DUSA个人会员和无法凑足整只球队的会员公司员工以个人名义报名参加"DUSA全明星队"


Registrants shall confirm their participation by sending the entry form (see Annex), pay and appoint a team captain (for team registrants) before the deadline: October 13th, 2023. | 报名者请于2023年10月13日前完成报名手续。报名手续包括:填写报名表格(见附件),支付报名费用并任命队长(针对团队报名)。


  • DUSA Member Company Group Ticket (Sold Out)

    RMB 2,500

    Buy Ticket
  • DUSA Member Individual Ticket

    RMB 150

    This ticket is for DUSA individual member or employees from DUSA member companies which cannot organize a team.

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It covers following for all players | 报名费用包括:

  • One advertisement flag/plate with company logo on the site | 参赛公司现场广告牌/广告旗一块
  • Lunch ticket (10 people) + 2 box of mineral bottle water+ shuttles | 10张球员午餐券+2箱矿泉水+ 比赛用球;
  • Insurance for one day (maximum 10 people, for additional people the relevant fee will be charged)| 比赛日一天的保险(最多10人,额外球员额外支付购买);
  • First aid kit and Medical treatment provided on-site | 现场的紧急救助及医疗保障;
  • Champion, Runner-up, and 2nd Runner-up Awards | 冠军、亚军及季军的奖品。
  • Fapiao will be issued by DUSA European Association Suzhou. | 苏州欧洲商会将提供发票。

Tournament rules

  • Scoring System | 计分体系:

On group stage | 小组赛阶段:

Only one set for each game. The set is played until one player or team reaches 21 points, with a minimum two-point advantage. If the score reaches 20-20, the player or team must win by a two-point margin or the first player or team to reach 30 points wins the set. Court will be switched after 11 points. | 一局定胜负,比赛为21分制,11分后交换场地,先到21分者且比分至少要有两分相差者获胜。如果比分为20比20, 就需要继续比赛直至两队比分有2分差异或者其中一队率先达到30分。

On Knockout stage | 淘汰赛阶段

  • Three sets for each game. The 11 points system will be implemented for all competitions without chasing points. | 三局两胜制,每局11分且不加分。即率先达到11分的球队即为获胜。
  • Each team needs to complete with each other for 1 mixed double.1 men's single and 1 women's single. If a team wins in both the mixed double and men's single, the women's singles will not be played, and the team will advance to the next round directly. | 两队比赛时,需要完成1场混合双打,1场男子单打及1场女子单打。如果一队在混合双打和单男项目上都获胜了,就可以不用进行女子单打,直接晋级。

  • Points | 得分规则: 

On group stage | 小组赛阶段,

  1. Teams in each group will play each other once in a round robin format. Teams earn 1 point for a win and 0 point for a loss. Teams in each group will then be ranked according to points. | 每组各小组将以循环赛的形式进行一次比赛。获胜积1分,失利积0分。
  2. The two teams with the highest points in the group advance. | 小组中积分最高的2只队伍出线
  3. The promotion criteria: winning games > total score of the team > small score between two teams |晋级标准:比赛获胜场数>队伍总积分>两队对阵小比分。

       On Knockout stage | 淘汰赛阶段,

  1. The group winner will play with the second other group, and the schedule will be determined by drawing on the spot.| 小组第一将对阵其他小组的第二,具体比赛安排现场抽签决定
  2. Winners go through, losers go out. | 球队:获胜者出线,失利者淘汰。

  • At the end of each match, the referee and the players of both sides sign to confirm the result of the match. | 每场比赛完毕,由裁判员和双方运动员签字确认比赛结果。

  • All players one the field must be on the registration form, and no substitutions are allowed during a game. In a two-team competition, an athlete may participate in different matches. For example, a female athlete of the same team may participate in the women's single and mixed doubles in the same two-team competition. | 所有参加比赛的球员都应该是在报名名单上的人员,在一场比赛中,不能换人。在两队比赛时,一位球员可以参加不同的项目,例如,某一球队的一位女球员,可以同时参加和另外一对比赛中的女单和混双项目。


  • Badminton rackets for competitions need to be provided by athletes themselves. The organizer will provide shuttles.| 羽毛球拍由运动员自备,组织方提供羽毛球。 

  • All referee decisions are final. | 裁判的判决是最终的;

  • Timing: Please ensure that your team is ready on the court 5min before the schedule; 5 minutes delay will be considered as abstaining (0 point); | 时间安排:请确保您的团队在赛程前5分钟准备就绪;迟到5分钟将被视为放弃比赛(积0分);


  • Disciplinarian Action: Any ungentlemanly conduct will be ruled by the DUSA tournament organizer; Profanity in any language is discouraged; | 纪律处分:任何不文明行为均由赛事主办单位处理;不鼓励任何语言上的侮辱;


  • On-site spectators please stay in the auditorium and do not enter the competition courts. Children under 18 years of age should be supervised by adults/parents; | 现场观赛人员,请在观众席文明观赛,不要进入比赛场地,18岁以下儿童请由成年家长看护,并确保安全。

Other Arrangements


  • Periodic safety checks for the benefit of spectators, players and staff shall be carried out on the stadiums selected for matches in the preliminary competitions by the authorities responsible with relevant safety certificate, which should not be more than one year old. | 为了保证观众,运动员和工作人员的安全,应选择安全的比赛场地进行比赛。比赛场地应为一年内通过检查的场地。

  • Organizing committee shall organize adequate insurance to cover the team members and any other persons carrying out duties on its behalf against all risks, including but not limited to injury, accident, disease and travel in consideration of the relevant rules or regulations. | 组委会应安排适当的保险,以保障运动员和工作人员免于一切风险,包括但不限于伤害,事故,疾病和旅行,并应考虑到相关规则或规定。

  • Companies shall pay for incidental expenses and for any costs incurred by its Team ensuring that it will participate with the best possible team in all matches. | 公司应支付杂费和运动队产生的其他费用,以确保在所有比赛中能以最佳状态参加比赛。


  • Mini JUDO courses are arranged for kids who are 5 -12 years old during the tournament. The course time is: | 羽毛球比赛期间,我们为孩子们准备了迷你柔道课程, 课程时间安排为:

 10:00 am - 11:30 am, kids from 5 years old to 8years old | 上午10:00-11:30  5-8岁 

 14:00 pm - 15:30 pm, kids from 8 years old to 12 years old | 下午14:00-15:30  8-12岁  

 Course Price | 课程价格: RMB 78 / kid. 



  • Smoking is strictly not permitted in the vicinity of the field of play or within competition areas. | 在比赛场地附近或比赛区域内严禁吸烟。




  • Detailed schedule will come up later. | 具体时间安排请见后续通知 
  • DUSA will keep you posted if there is any update with the Tournament. | 本次比赛如有信息更新,DUSA将第一时间通知您。

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