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 Management of fixed cost is an important and challenging job for controllers and managers in daily practice of controlling and business performance improvement. Especially in times of increasing uncertainties and market difficulties, optimizing fixed cost means more flexibility and reduced risks for business profitability and liquidity. In this webinar, the speaker will discuss about some practical approaches and concepts for optimizing fixed cost, including some advanced ideas for fixed cost controlling in times of digital finance & controlling. Major topics will include:

  • Controllability of costs
  • Cost benchmarking
  • Cost category controlling
  • Big Data Application / Process Mining
  • Robotic Process Automation


  • 成本可控性分析
  • 成本标杆比较
  • 成本类别管控
  • 大数据分析和流程挖掘(Process Mining)
  • 内部流程自动化(Robotic Process Automation)


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  • Mr. Dietmar Pascher (Partner and head of international cooperation project at CA Controller akademie)

    Mr. Dietmar Pascher

    Partner and head of international cooperation project at CA Controller akademie

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