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We are delighted to introduce the the training course "The Application of Top-Down Design Thinking and Knowledge Engineering Based on CATIA" from GAMI to you. Please find the detailed information of this training as below:

Course Introduction | 课程介绍

Design is the source of manufacturing. With the shortening of the delivering and the enhancement of product functions, great pressure is brought to the design work. How to organize complex digital models, capture enterprise experience and solidify the best practices based on main CAD tools to form valuable "digital assets" is an important topic. Firstly, This course introduces how to build a structure tree of complex products based on the top-down design thinking, establish skeleton document and publish important geometric elements to achieve collaborative design. Secondly, introduce the "three swords" of knowledge engineering, so that students can understand how to digitize the paper-based enterprise or industry standards and rules, embed them into the CAD software, and directly drive the digital model. Finally, a case of "smart ladder" is used to let students understand the top-down design thinking and the preliminary content of knowledge engineering, so as to lay a foundation for further application.



Outline | 大纲

  • 总体介绍 | General Introduction
  1. 如何成为CATIA高手 | How to become a CATIA master
  2. 自顶向下设计思想 | Top down design thinking
  3. 界面及数字模型管理 | the Interface and digital model management

  • 零件设计 | Part design
  1. 全约束草图设计 | Fully constrained sketch design
  2. 实体设计及修饰 | Body design and decoration

  • 装配设计 | Assembly design
  1. 插入和约束零部件 | Insert and constrain components
  2. 结构树的组织 | Organization of structure tree

  • 参数和骨架设计 | Parameters and skeleton design
  1. 建立参数和公式 | Creating parameters and formulas
  2. 设计表驱动模型 | Design table driven model
  3. 设计骨架文件并发布几何元素 | Design skeleton document and publish geometric elements

  • 知识工程 | Knowledge engineering
  1. EKL企业知识语言介绍 | Introduction to EKL (enterprise knowledge language)
  2. 规则导入 | Importing Rule
  3. 检查标准导入 | Importing Check standard
  4. 反应的导入 | Introduction of reaction

  • 练习:智慧梯子 | Exercise: Smart Ladder
  1. 任务说明书分析 | Mission statement analysis
  2. 设置参数 | Setting parameters
  3. 建立模型 | Creating the Modeling
  4. 建立规则、反应、检查 | Establish rules, reactions and inspections


Chinese | 中文



  • Yang Yuan (General Manager at Shanghai Zhuli Info. & Tech. Co.,Ltd)

    Yang Yuan

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