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Dear Valued Members of DUSA,

We are delighted to invite you to attend DUSA 2021 Annual General Meeting dated 18th of March, 2021.

At this year's meeting, the Board of Directors will present the Annual Report for 2020. At the same time, there will be New Board Election.

Please note that this event is "DUSA Members Only". Soft reminder: only open to members that Y2021 membership renewed. 

This is a hybrid event, online participants may attend the meeting but cannot vote online.

We are looking forward to meeting you and hearing your valuable opinions and suggestions.

Voting Rules

  1. This election will be held by means of both vote-by-email ballot and immediate ballot.
  2. Each member company will be entitled to have 5 single votes (including vote-by-email ballot and immediate ballot);
  3. One person, one vote;
  4. Each single voter may select not less than 3 and up to 6 candidates, if the voter selected for less than 3 or more than 6, this vote will be invalidated;  
  5. If you are unable to attend the offline event and want to vote by email, please send your ballot to biz@dusa-eu.cn and info@dusa-eu.cn. The voting time is from March 9th to March 17th.  
  6. The top candidates receiving the most votes will automatically be elected to be the new Board member, the remaining post(s) shall require a minimum of 35% share of the attending registered member vote.
  7. The candidates will be introduced to all members by email and DUSA WeChat Account on March 9th.

Candidates of the DUSA Board of Directors

Mr. Andreas Björk

Basic Information:

  • Swedish citizen living and working in China since 2000 including 2 years in India.
  • Currently Managing Director of AQ Group in Suzhou and working with AQ since 2007.
  • Other held positions with AQ are Global Business Area Director Inductive Components and Managing Director AQ India.
  • Previous positions in China are General Manager for Habia Cable and Lesjöfors (Beijer-Alma Group) in Changzhou.
  • Married and two daughters (15 and 17) Living in Shanghai.

Motivations to join DUSA Board:

With my background in setting up and running manufacturing companies in China for the past 20 years, I hope to be able to share my experiences and contribute to DUSA and its members future success in China.

Mr. Julien Boussu

Basic Information:

  • French
  • 13 years living in China, incl. 7 in SZ
  •  Married, 2 children
  • Run ~200km per month

Working experience:

  • Corporate Finance / Automotive & Manufacturing
  • Financial Controller @ Knorr-Bremse

      JV's set up / Localization / Resources mgt / Efficiency - Lean

  • Past experiences: Controller @ ZF and Valeo

Motivations to join DUSA Board:

  • As a member => Relevance of DUSA: Connect, share, learn
  • As a Board member => Listen, support / feedback, adapt / Effectiveness, Convenience
  • Engagement of members / Growth of the DUSA network
  • Finance expertise => Incentives, Support functions optimization, Digitalization

Mr. Luciano Marzaro 

Basic Information:

  • I'm the GM of Carel Electronic Co. Suzhou. We are designing and manufacturing electronic solutions for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditions and Refrigeration Market (HVAC-R).
  • I'm Italian, 57 Years old, since 2018 living in China-Suzhou with my family.
  • I have large experience working for SMEs and B2B market in Italy and abroad. Multicultural approach and passionate for international experiences.
  • I joined DUSA as board member in 2020, currently I'm in charge for Workshops, Seminars, Forums, and liaison with other Commerce Chambers.
  • In 2020 DUSA organized 2 important workshops with the Suzhou government "legal risk on labor management" and "policy update on visa", moreover DUSA held 13 trainings sections on different topics. A real success! considering the special year of 2020.

Motivations to join DUSA Board:

  • I believe on the importance of DUSA organization for the SMEs, in particular for manufacturing companies located in the area of Suzhou. 
  • DUSA brings together many foreign companies from different nationalities, so my commitment will be to stay closer to our members, listening what are the needs and provide valuable events. We already set up a plan and resources in order to continue improving our events. 
  • What most I like of DUSA is the friendly atmosphere of collaboration between members that is one of the important value of this organization.

Mr. Douglas Fraser Shearer (古呈仁)

Basic Information:

  • Background – British/Scottish  
  • Work Experience

-HM Forces (Retired)

-HSBC (Hong Kong) – Project Lead

-Foxconn Taiwan (内湖) – Business Liaison

-XJTLU – Business Engagement Manager

Motivations to join DUSA Board:

  • I enjoy connecting with people and over the years I have built a good network all over the world and I would like to utilise this to benefit the local community.
  • Selfishly I want to strengthen the relationship between XJTLU & DUSA as we both have important roles in the community to play.


  • Strong moral compass
  • Willing to go the extra mile to achieve results or help people when needed
  • Availability and flexibility

Mr. Hans-Dieter Straub

Basic Information:

Nationality: German

Family: Married

Occupation: VP Manufacturing BBraun Medical

Age: just recently past half a century

Motivations to join DUSA Board:

I am a German who had been a member of DUSA for the past decade. I would like to share my experiences and help other members, which is in alignment with the mission of DUSA. With more than 30 years of working experience in medical device industry, currently holding the position of Vice President Manufacturing, I am confident that I will be able to join forces to achieve DUSA's mission.

Mr. Florian Weihard

Privately, I…

  • am a 40 years old Engineer from Germany
  • live in China for 10 years and moved to Suzhou in 2015
  • am married to a Shanghainese and have a 4 years old Son
  • love sports (especially running), reading and travelling


Professionally, I…

  • am Automation and Digitalization as well as Fuel Cell specialist and enthusiast
  • serve ruhlamat Automation Technologies as CTO and ruhlamat Smart Technologies as GM
  • have 15 years background in R&D, Innovation, Transformation and General Management
  • look back to geographic experience in China, USA, Germany, Malaysia, India and Singapore
  • love to look into the future to predict trends to find new chances to start new things
  • love to build and work with ecosystems, partners and teams



  • am Member of the Board of Directors since 2019 and Vice Chairman since 2020
  • am in charge for our Roundtable as well as for Lean- and Smart Manufacturing topics
  • believe in our core values as a trusted, independent & friendly Non-Profit-Organization
  • am convinced of the need to stay focused on serving European Manufacturing SMEs
  • am looking forward to maintain and strengthen DUSA being a reliable partner for our member companies for their success in China in the extremely dynamic environment

Mr. Oscar Wu

Basic Information:

  • Oscar Wu was born in 1970 in Shanghai, China
  • Ondal Medical Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd – Managing Director since 2013
  • Serving European Enterprises in China with Executive Position over 20 years
  • Strong expertise in Leadership, Business Development and Change Management
  • DUSA Board of Director 2006 – 2011
  • DUSA Board Chairman 2011 – 2015 & 2017- 2021

Motivation to Join DUSA Board

  • Strong focus on serving SME's and Manufacturing companies
  • To be a good connection between Eastern and Western business cultural
  • Stabilize, diversify and sustainable of the Board/Team
  • Guardian value and spirit of DUSA


Candidates are ranked in no particular order, sorted by the first letter of the family name.


6 PM - 6:30 PM
6:30 PM - 7:45 PM
Annual Report 2020 by DUSA Board
7:45 PM - 8:05 PM
8:05 PM - 8:20 PM
Present and Approval of Budget 2021
8:20 PM - 8:35 PM
Q & A (Including Exoneration of the DUSA Board)
8:35 PM - 9:05 PM
DUSA Board Election (Candidates presentation)
9:05 PM - 9:25 PM
Break and Counting the Votes
9:25 PM - 9:30 PM
Announce New Board
9:30 PM - 9:31 PM
End of Event


Offline Event - DUSA Members

1. DUSA BoD report for 2020/2021
2. DUSA new board election
3. Enjoy finger food and wine of value at RMB178

Standard Price RMB 68
Online Event - DUSA Members

DUSA BoD Report for 2020/2021

Standard Price Free


Hyatt Regency Hotel SIP


No. 88 Huachi Street, SIP, Suzhou, Jiangsu, 215028, China

If you have any questions please contact Maggie Chen

Contact Organizer

+86 18051042137

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