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As competition intensifies, salespeople need to be more strategic about how they go about selling, and to develop more ways to add value to their customers. When negotiating, adopting a strategic value approach can have a significant impact on the outcome of the sale. | 随着竞争的加剧,销售人员需要对他们的销售方式更具战略性,并开发更多的方法来为客户增加价值。 在谈判时,采用战略价值方法可以对销售结果产生重大影响。


However, salespeople are not able to conduct strategic value conversations if | 然而,销售人员无法进行战略价值对话,如果:


  • They don't understand the customer's business, priorities and expected outcomes | 他们不了解客户的商务情况、优先事项及预期成效;
  • They don't substantiate what value (or ROI) customers can get | 他们不能保证我购买的产品的价值 (或投资回报);
  • They are not innovative enough to solve the customer's problems, etc. | 他们创新思维不足,无法来解决客户的问题,等等;


Hence, the following workshop adopts the best-in-class sales practices to bring insights that will enable you to address the strategic priorities of your customer, and negotiate optimal outcomes.因此,以下的工作坊采用了一流的销售实践,带来的洞察力将使你能够针对客户的战略优先事项,并谈判出最佳结果。

Training Purpose | 培训目的

By the end of the training programme, you shall be able to | 在本课程结束后,学员将能够:

 1)   Make the shift from focusing on price to creating value | 实现从关注价格到关注利价值的创造;

2)   Probe and gain customer insights by asking the right questions | 问"对"的问题以探求客户需求;

3)   Handle objections and other sales negotiations with ease | 以平和的心态应对异议和其它销售谈判

Training Outline | 培训大纲

Creating Value in Sales | 如何在销售中创造价值:

  • Price vs. Value | 价格vs价值
  • Price of Purchase vs. Total Costs of Procurement | 采购价格与采购总成本的区别
  • What does each contact person value in the customer's organization | 客户组织中的每个联系人都看重什么
  • Helping customers to sell better to their customers | 帮助客户更好地向他们的客户进行销售

Business Acumen in Negotiations | 谈判中的商务敏锐度:

  • The business impacts of price discounts | 降价对商务结果的影响
  • Understanding the customer's business using the Business Model Canvas | 使用商务模式画布了解客户的商务情况
  • Activity: Mapping your customer's Business Model Canvas activity | 活动: 绘出你客户的商务模式画布


Key Concepts in Negotiations | 谈判的核心概念

  • Negotiations Checklist | 谈判清单
  • Common mistakes | 常见的谈判失误
  • BATNA | 谈判协议的最佳替代方案
  • Walk-away points | 什么时候该走人
  • SWOT analysis using the Negotiation matrix | 使用谈判矩阵进行SWOT 分析
  • Simple negotiation case | 简单谈判案例


Asking Questions to Find Out What They Want | 使用提问以了解对方要什么?

  • 5 key questioning techniques to find out hidden needs and gaps | 5种提问方式以了解客户的隐藏需求及差距
  • Exercise: Making a list of the questions to ask | 练习:给问题列一张清单
  • Role Play: Questioning Skills to uncover needs and gaps | 角色扮演:提问技巧对练以挖掘需求及差距
  • Observing for positive/ negative signals | 观察积极/负面的反馈信号
  • Debriefing on Questioning role plays | 提问演练点评


Strategic Price Negotiations - Preparation | 战略价格谈判 - 准备

  • Case: You had increased the price for a key customer at the beginning of the year. Due to increasing costs, you will need to increase your price again. The customer is very unhappy about this, and threaten to cancel all remaining orders. What would you do? | 案例:你在年初时曾为一个主要客户提高了价格。 由于成本增加,你需要再次提价。该客户对此非常不满,并威胁要取消所有剩余的订单。 你会怎么做?
  • Analysing the customer's hierarchy of needs | 分析客户的需求层次
  • Setting your BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Outcome) or walk-away points | 设定你的BATNA (在没有获得谈判结果的最佳选择) 或者你的走人底线
  • Understanding the other party's BATNA and possible interests | 了解对方的BATNA及谈判意图
  • Exercise: Planning your negotiations for the Case | 活动:为谈判案例做准备
  • Role Plays | 演练
  • Debrief and feedback | 点评与反馈 


Summary of Key Learning Points | 要点总结


Evaluation | 评估


Methodology | 教学方法

This training course consists of a lively series of short participative lectures conveyed using plain uncomplicated explanations. Learning will be facilitated through exercises and case studies. Ample seminar materials will be given to participants so that these will be a constant source of reference to them. Ample time will be allotted for group discussion. | 本课程包含一系列生动翔实的参与性讲解,说明和解释通俗易懂,训练和案例贯穿始终,学员还会获得大量的讲座材料,作为日后的常用参考资料。讲座还将为小组讨论作出合理的时间安排。本课程让您能够把所学到的知识立刻运用在工作上。

Registration and Event Arrangement | 活动注册和安排

  • There are limited seats for this training. Please register for it at your earliest convenience. | 本次培训席位有限,请尽早注册。
  • The e-invoice will be sent to you one week after the event. | 电子发票将在培训结束后一周内发送给您。
  • This is a one-day training, lunch will be serviced during the lunch time. | 这是一整天的培训,中午会提供午餐。
  • If you have any questions during the registration, please contact | 如您在注册中有任何疑问,请联系:Maggie Chen, mobile phone: 180 5104 2137 E-mail:


Chinese | 中文


  • C.j. Ng (World-class sales, leadership and experiential learning consultant)

    C.j. Ng

    World-class sales, leadership and experiential learning consultant

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** The registration fee includes the lunch and the Sales MapTM assessment. 

培训费包括了午餐和Sales MapTM测评费用。

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