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Most technical workers are in "blue collar" occupations: installation, maintenance, and repair; production; protective services; and logistics. They are a very important group of people in the operation of a company. Due to the shortage of workforce, high turnover rate and increasing labor costs, managers have spent a lot of effort and money on them, but the results are not satisfactory. | 大部分的技术工人都是"蓝领工人", 他们在企业里从事安装、维修、生产、防护以及物流等工作。对于企业的运营来说,技术工人是十分重要的一个群体。但由于劳动力短缺,高离职率和不断上涨的人工成本,使得很多企业在技术工人的管理上花费了大量的精力和资金后,效果却不令人满意。 

Meanwhile, the government also attached great importance to the retention and development of technical workers and has introduced introduced some subsidies and incentive policies to companies. | 同时,政府部门也十分关注技术工人的保留与发展并出台一些相关的补贴政策支持企业。

How can companies manage their technical workers according to their own characteristics and make good use of the government's incentive policies? Please attend our workshop titled "Recruitment and Retention of Technical Workers" on March 22nd to discuss this topic with Ms. Jiaqi Shen, consultant of SIP HR Management Service Center and Ms. Ning Lin, Operation Director of Sino German dual (Taicang) Education & Technologies., Ltd. | 企业应该如何结合自身特点并用好政府相关鼓励政策来管理自己的技术工人? 请参加3月22日DUSA组织的工作坊。与两位演讲嘉宾:园区人力资源管理服务中心的沈佳麒和中德双元(太仓)教育科技有限公司的林宁一起探讨关于 "技术工人的招聘与保留" 的话题。

Topics to be discussed

  • How to identify the skill level of technical workers: related subsidy polices to the companies; | 企业技能等级认定:以企业为主体申报,相关政策补贴直补企业;
  • Suzhou "Golden Blue Collar" Cultivation Project; | 苏州市"金蓝领"培育工程:新兴产业培训、技师研修培训补贴政策;
  • Recommendation and rewarding policies to the leading talents; | 省市区级领军人才推优奖励政策;
  • German HWK dual system school-enterprise cooperation platform | 德国手工业行会双元制校企合作平台。



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  • Ning Lin (Operation Director of Sino German dual (Taicang) Education & Technologies., Ltd.)

    Ning Lin

    Operation Director of Sino German dual (Taicang) Education & Technologies., Ltd.

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  • Jiaqi Shen (Consultant at SIP HR Management Service Center)

    Jiaqi Shen

    Consultant at SIP HR Management Service Center

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