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In the face of today's volatile global market, the imperative for businesses to cultivate resilient and sustainable supply chains has never been more critical. These attributes are no longer mere advantages but foundational to the long-term success and survival of businesses.

At this Roundtable, Dr. Pascal Wolff, Assistant Professor at NISCI and Research Affiliate at MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, will share research results and insights with us. Dr. Wolff's presentation will focus on the essential building blocks and strategies necessary to construct supply chains capable of withstanding and adapting to the multifaceted challenges of environmental, economic, and social disruptions. It aims to provide attendees with actionable insights and a strategic framework to navigate the complexities of the current market landscape, ensuring their supply chains are not just resilient but also contribute positively to their organization's sustainability goals.


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  • Dr. Pascal Wolff (Assistant Professor, NISCI Director of the NISCI Computational and Visual Education Laboratory Co-Director MIT SCALE Nottingham Ningbo Masters in Supply Chain Management Research Affiliate at MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics)

    Dr. Pascal Wolff

    Assistant Professor, NISCI Director of the NISCI Computational and Visual Education Laboratory Co-Director MIT SCALE Nottingham Ningbo Masters in Supply Chain Management Research Affiliate at MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics

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About NORD (China) Power Transmission Co., Ltd.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is one of the manufacturers of mechanical and electronic drive technology.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, founded in 1965, has become a world-renown drive solution manufacturer. With its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, NORD provides specialty services in the manufacture and sales of quality gear units, motors and frequency inverters. Backed by 8 advanced manufacturing bases supplying motor components and 36 facilities providing ample inventories, assembly and service, technical support, and customer service, NORD operates its global network across 5 continents. With more than 4,000 employees around the world, we ensure your customized drive solutions.

In 2005, NORD officially established its business presence in the Chinese market, We have been working with customers for nearly 20 years, establishing modern assembly and production bases in Suzhou, Tianjin, and Yizheng successively. With a total production area of about 100,000 square meters and a total production capacity of more than 2 million units, the four factories will provide NORD with a strong production capacity and supply chain for China and global markets, ensuring that our standardized parts and modular components can be combined into solutions for different applications to meet the individual needs of different industries. In 2023, the number of employees is 900, the sales volume reaches 2.5 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. There are more than 27 representative offices in China. We always adhere to the brand concept of "Our Solution. Your Success", adhering to the standards of its headquarters, NORD (China) Power Transmission Co., Ltd. will provide Chinese customers with fast, high quality, German-style services, and we are committed to becoming an excellent supplier in the Chinese gear reducer industry.




诺德(NORD)传动集团于2005年正式进入中国市场以来已携手客户走过了近20年,先后在苏州、天津、仪征等地投资建立了现代化组装及生产基地,四家工厂总生产面积将达到约10万平米,总产能达200万台以上,为诺德中国乃至全球市场提供了强大的生产能力和供应链,确保我们的标准化零件和模块化组件能根据不同的应用组合成各类解决方案,以满足不同行业的个性化需求。2023年,员工人数为900人,销售额达到25亿元,年平均增长率保持在20%以上,在全国27个工业城市设有销售办事处。我们始终坚守"Our Solution. Your Success"的品牌理念,基于集团同一标准,将德国原装品质和迅捷的服务奉献给中国广大客户,致力于成为中国减速机行业的优秀供应商。

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