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Dear DUSA Members, 

Happy New Year! 

This is the last call of DUSA HR circle event "Team Leadership in Tough Time" scheduled on February 3rd. There are a limited number of seats left, so please register for this event at your earliest convenience. 

Soft reminder: this is a member exclusive event which only opens for employees in DUSA member companies. 

Event Introduction

There is an old saying: "Walk fast alone, while walk far together".  

In the final analysis, the competition among enterprises is the competition between teams instead of individual leaders. An excellent leader is one who has the ability to build an excellent team and form a competitive force. We can also call it team leadership. Excellent teams can maintain high performance over a long period of time, not just a flash in the pan. How are these teams different from normal teams? What are the unique genes? How can such a team be built?


In this HR Circle, we will invite Mr. James Cheng to study, share and co-create with us below topics

  • Google's Five Characteristics of High-Performing Teams
  • Harvard professor Amy Edmonson's research on team psychological safety
  • The five factors that drive the performance of the team researched by MIT
  • The laws behind elite teams
  • Zhi He team leadership model
  • Experience the Zhi He team leadership test and interpret the report.

Meanwhile we also invite Ms. Vicky Yang to share with us some know about the wine and lead us to taste the wine.




     本次HR Circle我们将邀请程西军老师和我们一起学习、分享、共创:

  • 谷歌公司对高绩效团队的五大特征
  • 哈佛教授Amy Edmonson的团队心理安全感研究
  • MIT研究的驱动团队的绩效的五大因素
  • 精英团队如海豹突击队、马刺队、IDEO团队的背后的规律
  • 智合团队领导力模型
  • 体验智合团队领导力测试并做报告解读。

同时,我们邀请了Vicky Yang 女士为我们讲解关于葡萄酒的知识,并带领我们品鉴葡萄酒。



  • James Cheng (Trainer/Facilitator/Action Learning Coach/Team Coach/Executive Coach)

    James Cheng

    Trainer/Facilitator/Action Learning Coach/Team Coach/Executive Coach

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