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In today's "What's New with DUSA Members" session, we are delighted to share with you the exciting news from our member - GAMI / KIT China Branch.

November 8th, 2018 | Suzhou, China

KIT Opens Artificial Intelligence Innovation Factory in China

Ten years of research in China - new AI platform wants to promote young scientists

BU: On its tenth birthday, GAMI opens a new research factory for Artificial Intelligence in industrial production. (Source: GAMI / KIT)

More than 130 active projects with more than 40 Chinese partners show that the cooperation between the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and its partners in the People's Republic of China is extremely versatile. The foundation for this was laid in 2008 by the Global Advanced Manufacturing Institute (GAMI) in Suzhou, which promotes the exchange of knowledge and scientists on site. With the opening of a new Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, GAMI celebrates its tenth anniversary today (08.11.2018).

"Science does not end at country or language borders: International collaborations are a key element in the Internationalization Strategy of KIT. They are essential for promoting future-oriented research, teaching and innovation," says Prof. Thomas Hirth, Vice President for Innovation and International Affairs at KIT. "With China, we share one of our most sustainable partnerships. The 10th anniversary of GAMI impressively shows how well international collaborations can promote academic exchange as well as joint research and development."

"Many global challenges such as climate change or the implementation of digitization can only be addressed together. Here, Germany and China can benefit from and complement each other's strengths", says Gisela Lanza, China Representative and professor at wbk Institute of Production Science at KIT. Therefore, the engineer opened GAMI as a branch office in China in 2008: GAMI researches global production structures in order to prepare local companies for country-specific requirements such as Industry 4.0. "The location in China has been providing direct and uncomplicated access to local partners and their needs for ten years now." This ensures the transfer of research results to industry and makes them accessible, especially for German companies in China. 

New Research Factory for Artificial Intelligence

Major current topics include the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in industrial production and the increasing digitization in the wake of Industry 4.0 as well as its consequences for manufacturing processes and employees. To mark its tenth anniversary, GAMI is now opening the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Factory (AIIF): the Sino-German platform serves as a research and training center that provides students, scientists and industrial partners with the necessary skills for AI technologies in production.

"The progressing integration of IT solutions into production processes generates large amounts of data," says Dr. Tobias Arndt, General Manager of GAMI. "In order to use these profitably, intelligent solutions are required that recognize relationships and patterns within the data." At AIIF, GAMI – together with German and Chinese companies and start-ups – researches AI-based applications, such as augmented and virtual reality, Cloud and Big Data Computing as well as human-robot collaboration. Different AI components can be integrated into a highly flexible production line to test different settings. "By combining these technologies properly, companies can boost their efficiency and flexibility, and through machine learning even implement a self-adapting and -improving production system," says Arndt.

However, this requires well trained professionals. Both Germany and China are facing a major challenge here, as Arndt explains: "Both lack junior scientists and experts to establish AI in industrial production, even though especially China is investing heavily in this sector." Here, both sides could benefit from each other: "Germany has the required production expertise, China the necessary technical and financial infrastructure." The scientists therefore want to integrate the AIIF into teaching at KIT. On the one hand, the use cases developed in China will be integrated into the already existing courses offered by the "Learning Factory Global Production" at wbk. On the other hand, students of KIT can experience productions in China as well as the integration of AI technologies under real circumstances during research stays in Suzhou. 

About GAMI / KIT

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Training Facilities

 We have unique training facilities-Industry 4.0 Demonstration and Innovation Center. It's the first center in China which can demonstrate German Industry 4.0 application solutions with real production line.

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