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Dear DUSA Memebers,

我们邀请您参加将于7月3日举办的DUSA DARE活动。本次活动的主题是:"玩转职场:新生代职场修炼秘籍大揭秘" 。在这次活动中,我们将一起探讨:

We are delighted to invite you to attend the DUSA DARE event on July 3rd. The topic of this event is: Navigating the workplace: insights from young professionals. At the event, we will explore: 


What's important in life? Based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs, we identified several value labels: career, family, wealth, fame, and self-actualization. If we prioritize these labels, different people might have different answers, and the same person might change their priorities over time and different life stages. In this DARE event, Vincent from ruhlamat Smart will join us to explore this interesting and important topic.


In today's internet age, more and more young people are eager to join the "live-streaming sales" track and become an internet influencer, hoping for overnight fame. This contrasts sharply with the traditional mindset of the older generation, which emphasizes on accumulation and experience. As another graduation season approaches, Carter from ruhlamat, as a representative of the new generation in the workplace, will share and discuss with participants the thoughts and choices young people can make regarding career accumulation and experience in the current internet environment during this DARE event.

(3)世界经济论坛WEF (World Economic Forum) 每两年都会更新一版Future of Jobs的调研结果,本期DARE活动中,来自C_Life的Laurence将为参会者解读 "世界经济论坛WEF2023 - 未来人才所需能力报告",同时将与参会者一起互动实践,助力新生代搭建自己工作岗位相关的能力框架。

The World Economic Forum (WEF) updates its Future of Jobs survey results every two years. In this DARE event, Laurence from C_Life will interpret the report "World Economic Forum WEF2023 - Future of Jobs" for the participants. He will also interact and practice with attendees, helping the new generation build their competency framework relevant to their job roles.

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The Circle 圆俱乐部&音乐餐吧


the 3rd Floor of Suyi Show, No. 1 Guan Feng Steet, SIP

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C_Life members have very diverse learning interests (see different menus in the snapshot of its Wechat public account) - please follow the account and browse the articles therein.


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分享嘉宾及主持人 Speakers and Moderators

  • Vincent Chen (Sales Director of Suzhou ruhlamat Smart Technologies (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.)

    Vincent Chen

    Sales Director of Suzhou ruhlamat Smart Technologies (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

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  • Carter Chen (CAD Engineer at ruhlamat Automation Technologies (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.)

    Carter Chen

    CAD Engineer at ruhlamat Automation Technologies (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

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  • Dr. Laurence Lau (Executive Coach, OD Consultant, AI + HR Architect and founder of C_life Community)

    Dr. Laurence Lau

    Executive Coach, OD Consultant, AI + HR Architect and founder of C_life Community

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