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The China economy rebounds strongly in the first half of 2021. While, the supply-chain disruptions and power strains weighed on the business in late 2021. In 2022, the sustained pressure from Covid-19 outbreaks and supply chain bottlenecks will continue to have an impact. To counter the economic pressures, China will place particular importance on economic stability and recovery, adopting fiscal and monetary policies to spur growth in strategic portions of the economy. At the same time, because of domestic consumption growth and expansion of middle class, China is still the top priority for most MNCs. 

As customary, we are delighted to invite you to look forward to 2022 with us in DUSA New Year Roundtable.

In this event, Mr. Oliver Buergstein, CEO of ruhlamat Automation Technologies Suzhou Co., Ltd. will show the participants their brand new factory. Mr. Florian Weihard, CTO of ruhlamat Automation Technologies Suzhou Co., Ltd. and Chairman of DUSA will introduce the development trend of the automation industry. 

The keynote speaker, Mr. Eduardo Morcillo, Managing Partner of InterChina will present the results of a 300 CEO survey and analysis on the key business and corporate trends for international groups in China for 2022, and how multi-national companies are reacting to these new challenges.

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Keynote Speakers

  • Eduardo Morcillo (Managing Partner at InterChina)

    Eduardo Morcillo

    Managing Partner at InterChina

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  • Florian Weihard (CTO of ruhlamat Automation Technologies Suzhou Co., Ltd. and Chairman of DUSA)

    Florian Weihard

    CTO of ruhlamat Automation Technologies Suzhou Co., Ltd. and Chairman of DUSA

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About ruhlamat Automation Technologies Suzhou Co., Ltd.

ruhlamat is a German company with almost 60 years of manufacturing experience. It has locations in Germany, China, India, Mexico, Czech, Lithuania and Malaysia with a combined total of approximately 1,200 employees. The strategically placed locations and number of employees allow the company (as a whole) to provide professional products and services to customers around the world.


ruhlamat Automation Technologies (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 as the regional headquarters of the ruhlamat Group in the Asia-Pacific area (Abbreviation: ruhlamat Asia). With a total of around 700 employees (more than 200 engineers), ruhlamat Asia with 7 locations (production workshops and service centers) therefor can be able to supply products and services to customers in nearly 20 countries and regions around the world. This progress has helped ruhlamat Asia become partners with many top 100 automotive parts suppliers in the industry.


ruhlamat Asia, a global One-stop Smart Manufacturing solution provider, business covers combustion engine vehicle Auto parts, NEV auto parts, healthcare, 3C, household applications, other industry products. ruhlamat Asia has four brands – ruhlamat, EaglAI, Vario and ShopWorx – that provide solutions in different areas such as Customized Automation & Testing solution, AI Machine Vision system, Standard products such as Servo Press, Profile and Conveyors, and the Digitalization solution. With a positive attitude and a desire to seek innovative products and technical solutions in the intelligent and digital fields, ruhlamat Asia is committed to supporting the industry development and transformation& upgrading. 



    儒拉玛特自动化技术(苏州)有限公司是儒拉玛特设立在亚太地区的总部(以下简称:儒拉玛特(亚洲)),成立于1998年,在中国有7个工厂及服务网点,现有员工近700余人, 产品销往全球近20个国家及地区,客户遍及全球汽车零部件行业前100强。

     儒拉玛特(亚洲), 是一家全球化的一站式智能制造解决方案专家,业务范围覆盖传统汽车零部件、新能源汽车零部件、医疗、3C电子、家用电器、其他工业品等行业,旗下拥有4个子品牌: ruhlamat,EaglAI,Vario和ShopWorx,在自动化装配及测试线、人工智能机器视觉系统、伺服压机、工装板传送线、工业铝型材和数字化解决方案领域快速发展,积极探索智能化和数字化领域的创新产品和解决方案,助力行业发展和转型升级。

ruhlamat Automation Technologies Suzhou Co., Ltd.

Address 地址: No. 16 Yangfu Road, SIP

Telephone 电话+860512-67671108

Official Website 官网地址:


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