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DUSA European Association Suzhou is a private, non-profit organization based in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. It was founded in November 2002.
DUSA European Association Suzhou provides a forum for companies, their executives and other individual business people of all nationalities with interests in European business and intercultural aspects. DUSA identifies, examines and discusses matters of common interest affecting the economic, industrial, commercial and social objectives of its members.
DUSA events are a great opportunity for business people to meet experts, have a lively exchange of knowledge and celebrate social event.

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IBSS Online Open Enrolment Programme

Dear DUSA Members and Friends,

We are delighted to introduce the Online Open Enrolment Programme from DUSA Annual Partner: International Business School Suzhou (IBSS) at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU).

Introduction of IBSS Online OE Programme

Online education is providing people with opportunities to presume learning in today's busy lifestyle. IBSS is going to launch the Online Open Enrolment Programme (Online OE Programme), which enable more flexible learning environment for any participant with internet access. | 在线教育的发展使得人们在繁忙的都市生活中利用碎片时间实现自我提升成为一种可能。西浦国际商学院即将推出一系列在线公开课程,为学员创造更灵活的学习环境。

For the first season, two Online OE programmes will be launched: | 第一期将开放两个在线课程项目的报名注册:

"Quantitative Methods for Managerial Decisions" (in English) and | "管理决策与量化方法"(英文教学)与

"Finance for Non-Financial Executives" (in Chinese) | "非财务经理的财务管理"(中文教学)

Format and Duration

Format 授课形式: Online with a final face-to-face debriefing session. | 线上课程,课程最后设置线下的报告环节。

Duration of Each Programme 每个项目的时长: 1.5 hours per session, 12 sessions equivalent to 3 full time days. | 12节课,每节课1.5小时。相当于3个全天的课程。

Price and Discount

Fee 费用: RMB 4,500 for each programme | 每个项目人民币4500元。

Programme fee includes tuition, case licensing fee, and other course materials. The first two sessions are free of charge, and the programme fee will be collected after the second session. | 课程费用包括学费、案例使用费及其他相关材料费 用。 课程前两节为免费赠课,课程费用将于第二节课结束后开始收取。

Discount 折扣:Alumni price: 20% tuition discount for XJTLU alumni. | 西交利物浦大学校友可享受20%折扣。 


For more information, please contact: | 如需更多信息,请联系:

Executive Education of International Business School Suzhou (IBSS) at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) | 西交利物浦大学国际商学院高管教育团队

Email 邮箱: IBSSExecED@xjtlu.edu.cn

Address 地址 :

IBSS Building, South Campus of XJTLU

8 Chongwen Road, Dushu Lake Science and Innovation District

Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou

苏州市工业园区独墅湖高教区崇文路8号西交利物浦大学南校区西浦 国际商学院(BS楼)

Programme 1: Quantitative Methods for Managerial Decisions

The aim of this programme is to help participants understand, apply and evaluate which quantitative tools apply to decision making in an appropriate manner within the work context. Participants learn the concepts and theories relevant to decision making by individuals and groups. The programme also considers cognitive techniques for stimulating creativity, innovation and problem-solving.

Learning Outcomes: 

By the time you complete the programme, you will be able to:

  • Describe the quantitative analysis approach and understand how to apply it in a real situation.
  • Describe the three categories of business analytics. 
  • Describe the use of modeling in quantitative analysis.
  • Prepare quantitative analysis models.
  • Use computers and spreadsheet models to perform quantitative analysis.
  • Recognize possible problems in using quantitative analysis.

Target Audience:

The programme is designed for people who are decision makers and therefore it fits the job of all level of managers who are involved in the process of taking decisions to allocate resources, plan the activities and/or decide how to approach the market. 


April 14, 2020 - May 23, 2020




How to Apply?

Please note that registration via DUSA is suspended. 

Applicants can apply for the programme by scanning the QR code on the right:  

Further Details

Programme 2: Finance for Non-Financial Executives

Finance is the language of business. It not only measures business performance, but also provides valuable information for strategic decision making. This programme provides you with the knowledge and skills to gain a strategic oversight from the financial side of business operations. This programme provides you with the techniques and terminology to understand the language of finance, working with practical cases to ensure you understand how to overcome obstacles in your own business environment. | 财务是商业的语言。它不仅可以衡量企业的经营业绩,而且可以为战略决策提供重要信息。本课程将为各位学员提供必要的财务知识与技能,从而帮助学员运用财务信息进行商业决策。同时,本课程还将结合实际案例,帮助学员应对实际业务环境中的问题。

By the end of the programme, you will be equipped with the fundamental financial concepts to evaluate business performance, and the analytical tools to make sound business decisions. | 在课程结束时,学员将可以运用基本的财务概念评估企业业绩,并可以利用财务分析工具做出良好的业务决策。 

Learning Outcomes 课程收获:

By the time you complete the programme, you will be able to | 成功完成该课程后,您将能够:

•      Understand the key information delivered in the financial statements | 理解财务报表中的关键信息 

•      Use financial ratios to evaluate business performance | 使用财务比率来评估企业业绩

•      Understand a variety of cost concepts and use marginal analysis for decision making | 了解各种成本概念,并使用边际分析进行决策

•      Prepare budget and business plans, and analyse how they can work together effectively | 准备财务预算和商业计划,并分析他们如何有效地合作

•      Make capital investment decisions through a variety of best-practice methods. | 通过各种最佳实践方法做出资本投资决策

Target Audience 目标学员: 

Leaders and future leaders from all areas of business with little or no formal financial training. | 未接受或几乎未接受过正规财务培训的各业务领域领导者和未来领导者。

Date 日期

April 13, 2020 - May 31, 2020 | 2020年4月13日 — 2020年5月31日

Language 语言

Chinese 中文

Registration 注册

How to Apply? 如何申请?

Please note that registration via DUSA is suspended. | 请注意,DUSA的注册通道已暂停。

Applicants can apply for the programme by scanning the QR code on the right:| 如您对课程感兴趣,可通过扫码右侧二维码方式进行线上申请,我们会在收到您的报名信息后,第一时间联系您确认详情。

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