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Dear DUSA Members and Friends,

DUSA organized the 2020 Annual Salary Survey with one of DUSA members: Asia Solution Corporation. Purpose to investigate the salary package of SMEs located in Greater Suzhou and Yangtze Delta region in 2020.More than 100 companies attended this survey. | 苏州欧洲商会联合我们的会员: 讯塑科技信息咨询(上海)有限公司共同组织了关于苏州及长三角地区中小企业的2020年薪资调研。共有超过100家公司参与了这次调研。

Thank you for attending and supporting the 2020 DUSA Annual Salary Survey. | 感谢各位的参与和支持。

We invite you to join us on the 23rd September for an in-depth review of the wage developments in Great Suzhou and Yangtze Delta region in 2020, current developments and outlook on the job market and HR best practice sharing. The presentation will include the following aspects: | 我们诚挚地邀请您参加9月23日的DUSA年度薪酬调研分享会,深度探讨苏州及长三角地区中小企业的薪酬发展, 人力资源市场的现状和展望以及人力资源最佳实践分享。报告将包括以下几方面:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on business of SMEs; | 新冠疫情对中小企业的影响;
  • General labor market environment and outlook; | 人力资源市场现状及展望;
  • Wage status and development plan for SMEs in Great Suzhou and Yangtze Delta region; | 苏州及长三角地区中小企业的薪酬现状及发展计划;
  • HR Best Practice Sharing | 人力资源管理最佳实践分享


This is a hybrid event. We will offer the online live broadcast on Zoom at the same time. Please select the corresponding tickets during registration. | 该活动将在线上线下同时举行。我们将通过Zoom提供线上的直播。请在注册时选择相应的门票。

The meeting link and meeting ID of online event will be sent to you prior to the event. Please provide the correct email address. | 线上活动的会议链接和 ID将在活动开始前发送给您。请在注册时提供正确的邮箱地址。

If you have any questions during the registration, please contact | 如您在注册中有任何疑问,请联系:

Maggie Chen, mobile phone: 180 5104 2137 E-mail:







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