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Dear DUSA Members and Friends,

We are delighted to introduce the GAMI (Global Advanced Manufacturing Institute) Offline Training Open Courses: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training. This training includes 10 days on-site training + 1 pre-test online Q&A.  / 我们很高兴地介绍GAMI 线下公开课:精益六西格玛黑带培训。本次培训包含10天的线下培训和一次考前线上答疑。

Training Introduction | 培训介绍

  • Most of us master several quality tools in the enterprise. Fragmented application of tools is not effective or even wrong, and it is a prerequisite for the application of certain tools if you do not know how to contact them. Six Sigma Black Belt training can help participants master the relevant quality theories and tools systematically and comprehensively to solve quality problems more effectively. / 在企业里我们大都掌握几种质量工具,零散的工具应用效果不好,甚至出错,⽐如不知道如何联系某些工具应用的前提条件。六西格玛黑带培训可以帮助学员系统全面的掌握相关的质量理论和工具,更有效的解决质量难题。

  • Everyone needs continuous improvement. Not only quantitative change, but also qualitative change is needed. Six Sigma emphasizes breakthrough improvement. Participants enter the class with a problem, and by the end of the course, the project is closed, the company is profitable, and the individual grows and continues to improve. / 每个⼈都需要持续改进。不仅需要量变,更需要质变。六西格玛强调突破性改进。学员带着问题进⼊课堂,通过学习在课程结束,项⽬结案时,企业获利,个人获得成长及持续地进步。

  • Get the systematic training of GAMI Six Sigma Black Belt, and have a better chance to pass the CQC exam. Also, there are abundant cases to develop your vision. / 通过GAMI六西格玛黑带系统培训,将会提高您通过中质协考试的机率并了解丰富的案例从而开拓视野。

Training Outline | 培训大纲

Six Sigma management in the organization / 六西格玛管理在组织中的开展

  • The Development of Six Sigma Management and Continuous Improvement / 六⻄格玛管理和持续改进的发展
  • The core concept of Six Sigma management / 六⻄格玛管理的核⼼理念
  • Organization and promotion of Six Sigma management / 六⻄格玛管理的组织和推进
  • Overview of Six Sigma Methodology / 六⻄格玛⽅法论的概述
  • Six Sigma Improvement Model DMAIC / 六⻄格玛改进模式DMAIC

Six Sigma and Process Management / 六⻄格玛和过程管理

  • Systematic analysis of business processes / 业务流程的系统分析
  • Stakeholder Analysis / 利益相关⽅分析
  • Cost of Quality / 质量成本
  • Process Key Metrics / 过程关键指标
  • Level Comparison / ⽔平对⽐
  • Financial gains / 财务收益

Define Phase / Define阶段

  • Customer Identification and Customer Voice / 顾客识别和顾客声⾳
  • Key Customer Needs / 关键顾客需求
  • Six Sigma Project Selection / 六⻄格玛项⽬选择
  • Define the scope of the project / 界定项⽬范围
  • Project Form and Plan / 项⽬⽴项表和计划
  • Team Building and Management / 团队建设和管理
  • Project Management Tools / 项⽬管理⼯具
  • Basic statistical knowledge / 基本统计知识

Measure Phase / Measure 阶段

  • Common Distribution / 常⽤分布
  • Minitab Applications / Minitab 应⽤
  • Central Limit Theorem / 中⼼极限定理
  • Measurement System Analysis (MSA) / 测量系统分析(MSA)
  • Process capability index Cp, Cpk, PPM, DPMO, DPU, process sigma level, straight-through rate, etc. / 过程能⼒指数Cp、Cpk 、PPM、 DPMO、DPU、过程⻄格玛⽔平、直通率等
  • Point and interval estimation / 点估计和区间估计

Analyze Phase / Analyze 阶段

  • Hypothesis testing / 假设检验
  • Variance Analysis / ⽅差分析
  • Columnar tables and chi-square tests / 列联表和卡⽅检验
  • Correlation analysis regression analysis / 相关分析回归分析
  • Lean analysis tools / 精益分析⼯具
  • Lean Sandbox Simulation / 精益沙盘模拟
  • Creative thinking tools / 创造性思维⼯具

Improve Phase / Improve 阶段

  • Fundamentals of experimental design / 试验设计基础
  • Terminology / 术语
  • Experimental design principles / 试验设计原理
  • Pilot Program / 试验计划
  • One-way experimental design / 单因⼦试验设计
  • Full factorial experimental design / 全因⼦试验设计
  • Two-level partial-cause experimental design / 两⽔平部分因⼦试验设计
  • Response surface design and analysis / 响应曲⾯设计与分析

Control Phase / Control 阶段

  • Control Plan / 控制计划
  • Commonly used control charts / 常⽤控制图
  • Special control charts / 特殊的控制图 基本统计知识 精益控制⼯具
  • Lean control tools / 精益控制⼯具
  • Six Sigma Summary and Project Review / 六⻄格玛总结与项⽬评审
  • Six Sigma Project Evaluation Methodology / 六⻄格玛项⽬评价⽅法

Six Sigma improved by Industry 4.0 / 工业4.0背景下的六西格玛管理

  • KDD Method / KDD知识发现方法
  • Case Study: Data integration in Python / 案例分析:Python数据集成
  • Knime Introduction / Knime介绍
  • Machine Learning in QM / 质量管理中的机器学习

Ticket Price / 票价

DUSA Member Ticket / DUSA 会员票价: RMB 20,000/person

Non-member Ticket / 非会员票价: RMB 25,000/person 

Registration & payment / 注册及缴费

Please register for this training by clicking the "Register Now" button. / 请点击"Register Now" 注册本次培训;

The payment channel of DUSA is closed. Please pay to GAMI directly by bank transfer. Please remember to fill the company name and the name of registrant as remark when you transfer the registration fee. GAMI's bank information is as below: GAMI will issue the invoice to you. / DUSA的付款通道已经关闭,请直接通过银行转账支付到GAMI的银行账户。转账时请在备注栏注明公司名称和注册者的姓名。GAMI 将出具发票。 

Bank information of GAMI / GAMI 的银行账号




Language / 语言

Chinese / 中文

Last module "Six Sigma improved by Industry 4.0" will be in English. / 最后一个模块 "工业4.0背景下的六西格玛管理" 将用英文讲解。

Trainers / 培训师

  • Frank Sun (Sr. Trainer of Lean Six Sigma Management at GAMI (Global Advanced Manufacturing Institute))

    Frank Sun

    Sr. Trainer of Lean Six Sigma Management at GAMI (Global Advanced Manufacturing Institute)

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  • Lucas Bretz (General Manager at GAMI  (Global Advanced Manufacturing Institute))

    Lucas Bretz

    General Manager at GAMI (Global Advanced Manufacturing Institute)

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Organizers / 组织者


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