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Manufacturing companies in China face specific cyber security risks. Advanced manufacturing, such as "Smart Manufacturing" or "Industry 4.0" is based on information systems and data flows, while the regulatory environment regarding cyber security is becoming increasingly complex. Moreover, efficiency in addressing security and compliance challenges is crucial for small and medium-sized firms operating in an international context.


Our training will enable IT managers and staff in data processing roles of manufacturing firms to understand security risks from a top-level view and use hands-on tools to mitigate them.


中国的制造类企业面临着特定的网络安全风险。先进制造业,如 "智能制造 "或 "工业4.0 "以信息系统和数据流为基础,而有关网络安全的监管环境正变得越来越复杂。是否能高效地应对信息安全与合规性的挑战对于在国际范围内运营的中小型企业来说至关重要。



Course Outline | 课程大纲

·      Common and industry-specific cyber security threats for manufacturing companies

·      Security considerations from a compliance perspective

·      Technical and organizational control measures for risk mitigation

·      Demo of Data Loss Protection and Phishing email awareness testing


·      常见的网络安全威胁制造类企业面临的特定风险

·      合规视角下的网络安全考量

·      降低风险的技术控制措施和组织控制措施

·      数据丢失保护和网络钓鱼邮件意识测试演示

Target Audiences

IT specialists, IT engineers and data processing specialists for SMEs in manufacturing industry.


Registration and Payment

  • This is an online training which will be held on MS TEAMS. You will get the meeting link by email when you register for this event and pay the registration fee. The registration cannot be cancelled after the meeting link is sent to your mailbox. 

这是一个线上培训, 将会通过微软的TEAMS进行。您将在活动注册完成并支付了注册费用后收到一封含有培训链接的注册确认邮件。在收到注册确认邮件后,您的注册就不能取消了。

  • The e-invoice will be sent to you by email one week after the event.



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