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We have accumulated 16 teams and ready to start the Tournament! 


16 teams in no particular order

WIKA Instrumentation (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

voestalpine Böhler Welding (China) Co., Ltd.

SHW Automotive Pumps (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

Gotec Automotive (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

ruhlamat Automation Technologies Suzhou Co., Ltd.

Pelliconi Suzhou Closures Manufacturing Co. LTD

MCi Mirror Controls (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

delaware Consulting China

PULS Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd 

Norautron Suzhou Co., Ltd.

Candy Hoover (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

 Ponzini Health and Beauty High-Tech (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Ondal Medical Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

CAREL Electronic (Suzhou) Co., Ltd


Decathlon( Suzhou) Sports Co.,Ltd


Group stages




Game Rules

  • 6 outfield players and 1 GK (7-a-side) | 每队6位队员及1位守门员(7人制);
  • No offsides | 没有越位;
  • No substitution limits | 无换人限制;
  • Substitutions should be made during dead ball situations. (Don't have to notify referee) | 在出现死球情况下应进行换人 (不必通知裁判);
  • Keepers may not pick up direct passes kicked or thrown. | 守门员不能在其他球员触球前把球拿起;
  • No slide tackling. All slides receive automatic yellow card. | 不能铲球,所有铲球动作都将自动收到一张黄牌;

*Sliding to stop the ball from going out of play, or to block a shot with no opponent in clear sight is allowed. However, if an opposition player is within range and the slide is deemed a tackle, this will be punished. | *为防止球出界或者在没有明显对手的情况下的铲球是允许的。但是如果在动作范围内有对方选手或者是为了抢球的铲球将会被处罚;

  • Goalkeepers may slide inside their area. | 守门员在自己区域内可以铲球;
  • Two yellow cards = One red card | 两张黄牌 = 一张红牌;
  • One red card = one game suspension | 一张红牌 = 停赛一场;
  • Two red cards= Disqualification | 两张红牌 = 取消比赛资格;
  • All referee decisions are final | 裁判的判决是最终的;
  • Profanity in any language is discouraged. | 不鼓励任何语言上的侮辱。

Tournament Format

  • The tournament will be from 8:00 am –17:30 pm | 比赛时间为:8:00 -17:30;
  • Each team will play three group games: the game length will be 20 minutes with no halftime during the group phase. 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 for a loss. | 每只队伍都将有三场小组赛:小组赛为20分钟,没有中场休息。小组赛中获胜者积3分,平局积1分,失败积0分;
  • Total Points, Head to Head result, and Goal differential will determine group standings. | 总积分、总进球及净胜球决定小组排名;
  • After the group games, the knock-out rounds will begin. These games will be 2x15 minute halves. At the end of the game if the result is a draw, a penalty shootout will occur. | 小组赛后将进入淘汰赛。淘汰赛为2x15 分钟。如果最后结果是平局,将进入点球;
  • Penalty Shootout Rules: Only the seven players on the pitch can take part. Each team will take 3 penalties. If the score is still even, then sudden death scenario will occur. | 点球的规则:当7名队员都在运动场时才可以进行。每队有3次点球机会。如果依然平局,将采用突然死亡法。

Player Rules

  • There will be some temperature monitoring and QR code checks on the days leading up to the event as well as at the event. Details to come soon. | 准备活动时以及比赛当天都需要进行体温量测并检查健康码。具体细节见后续通知;
  • All players (including goalkeepers) are required to wear shin pads at all times.| 所有运动员(包括守门员)都需要始终穿着护腿;
  • Only astro-turf boots or moulded studs are allowed. No screw-ins or metal studs | 只允许穿人造草坪靴子或模制鞋钉的足球鞋。不允许穿带螺丝或者金属鞋钉的鞋子;
  • In the event of two teams having similar kits, bibs will be provided to the AWAY team. | 如果比赛的两只球队服装类似,将为客场球队提供背心。

Lateness | 迟到:

If a team is five minutes late, they concede one own goal, ten minutes late than an additional own goal. Fifteen minutes late = 3-0 Forfeit | 如果有队伍迟到5分钟,让一球,迟到10分钟,让两球,迟到15分钟以上,3:0 结束比赛。

No Smoking | 禁止吸烟:

Smoking is not permitted in the vicinity of the field of play or within competition areas. | 在比赛场地附近或比赛区域内禁止吸烟。

How to reach the Venue

Please enter the Olympic Center from the West No.1 Entrance at Xing Tang Street. There is construction on the road and please don't miss the entrance. 


Organizer and Sponsors