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DUSA European Association Suzhou is delighted to announce that we will resume DUSA Football Tournament. Thanks to the sponsorship from Decathlon, DUSA-Decathlon Football Tournament 2020 will be held at the Football Field, Suzhou Olympic Sports Centre on November 14th. We would like to invite you and your team to participate in this year's tournament.

About DUSA Football Tournament

DUSA Football Tournament is a social event yearly organised in April at around Easter time with 16 teams participating from member companies. Year 2016 witnessed the 10th DUSA Football Tournament on 23rd April in day time followed by evening BBQ and Awards Ceremony.

How to Register

1. Participation, withdrawal, replacement, disciplinary matters, disputes, and eligibility of players

  • The tournament will include a maximum of 16 teams and is open to all DUSA member companies.Company shall confirm their participation by sending the entry form (see Annex), pay and appoint a team captain before the deadline: September 18th, 2020.
  • Withdrawal after the start of the competition shall be considered as disqualified. If a company withdraws or a match cannot be played or is abandoned as a result of force majeure, organsing committee shall decide on the matter at its sole discretion and take whatever action that is necessary.
  • If any company withdraws or is excluded from the Tournaments, organsing committee may in particular decide to replace.
  • The players agree notably to: Respect the spirit of fair play and non-violence; and behave accordingly.
  • All disputes in connection with the Tournaments shall be promptly settled by mediation.
  • Profanity in any language is discouraged.
  • There is no age restriction for the players.

Entry Ticket

Every team that registers for the Tournament shall pay RMB3,000 that covers following for all players of the member company:

  • Football Package of Jersey Shirt & Shorts, and more
  • BBQ Dinner at Award Ceremony
  • Insurance
  • First aid kit and Medical treatment provided on-site
  • Water, sport snacks
  • Award Trophy
  • Champion, Runner-up, and 2nd Runner-up Awards

Fapiao will be issued by DUSA European Association Suzhou.

Entry Form

General Provisions

2. Dates, venues, and kick-off times

  • Field: Suzhou Olympic Sports Centre
  • The dates and, subject to compliance with the venues of the matches of shall be fixed by organsing committee: 8am to 4:30pm, November 14th.
  • Organising committee shall form groups by seeding and drawing lots. All decisions made regarding the group formation shall be final and not subject to appeal. In the case of a company withdrawing from a preliminary competition, organsing committee may change groups accordingly.

3. Laws of the Game

  • All teams shall play comply with the Laws of the Game and play all of their matches until eliminated. All matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game.

Alternate players

In addition to the five players officially enrolled for the competition(s), each company is allowed to select a maximum of two alternate players per team. The following applies to the two alternate players:

  • Not among the five players officially enrolled in their team's list of players and officials.
  • Shall be numbered 5 to 7, with the number 8 being reserved for the goalkeeper.
  • Can replace the one of five players without notifying referees during playing.

4. Rules, schedule, and draw

  • DUSA and Decathlon shall form groups for the competition by seeding and drawing lots in public. In the event of any withdrawals, DUSA and Decathlon may change the groups.
  • The decisions on the group formation and the duration of the final competition are final. All referee decisions are final.
  • In the evening before the tournament, all teams are invited to Blue Marlin SIP where we will go over the rules and the schedule of the tournament, as well as draw.
  • No offsides
  • No substitution limits
  • Substitutions should be made during dead ball situations. (Don't have to notify referee)
  • Keepers may not pick up direct passes kicked or thrown.
  • No slide tackling. All slides receive automatic yellow card.
  • *Sliding to stop the ball from going out of play, or to block a shot with no opponent in clear sight is allowed. However, if an opposition player is within range and the slide is deemed a tackle, this will be punished. Goalkeepers may slide inside their area.
  • Two yellow cards = One red card
  • One red card = one game suspension
  • Two red cards= Disqualification

5. Competition format

The match is organised in a 5-a-side format.

The competitions shall be played in a group stage, followed by quarter-finals, semi-finals and final in accordance with the schedule below.

The 16 teams shall be divided into four groups of four teams. The teams in the four groups shall be designated as follows:

Group stage

Each team shall play one match against each of the other teams in the same group, with three points for a win, one point for a draw, and none for a defeat. The game length will be 20 minutes with no halftime during the group phase. In total there will be twenty-four games.

Total Points, Head to Head result, and Goal differential will determine group standings. The top 8 teams will compete for the CUP. The bottom eight teams will compete for the PLATE.

After the group stages, the knock-out rounds (quarter-finals, semi-finals and final) will begin. These games will be 2x15 minute halves. At the end of the game if the result is a draw, a penalty shootout will occur. Penalty Shootout Rules: Only the seven players on the pitch can take part. Each team will take 3 penalties. If the score is still even, then sudden death scenario will occur.


The eight teams that advance from the group stage shall contest the quarterfinals as follows:

Winner A v. Runner-up B

Winner B v. Runner-up A

Winner C v. Runner-up D

Winner D v. Runner-up C

In total there will be four games with two games played parallelly. (G =group stage winner).


the two teams ranked first and second in Quarter-final qualify for the Semi-finals. In total there will be two games played parallelly. (Q=quarter-final winner)


the two teams ranked first and second in Semi-final qualify for the Final. The team ranked first in Group A/B plays with the team ranked first in Group C/D. (S =Semi-final winner)

The winners of the semi-finals qualify for the gold medal match/champion.

The losers of the final contest qualify for the runner-up.

6. Refereeing

The referee and assistant referee shall be appointed for each match.They shall be selected from relevant Refereeing List in force and come from whose team is not playing in the tournament. They shall receive their official refereeing kit and equipment and wear and use only this kit and equipment on match days.

7. Stadium infrastructure and equipment

7.1 Pre-match warm-up in the stadium

Organising committee shall ensure that the stadiums and facilities in which the tournament will take place be in optimum condition. The field shall have sufficient space behind the goals to allow the players to warm up during the matches. A maximum of six players shall warm up at the same time (with a maximum of two officials). Only the goalkeeper may warm up with a ball. If there is not sufficient space behind the goals, both teams shall warm up in the designated area beside the substitutes' bench of team.

7.2 Clocks, panels/display boards and screens

Clocks in the stadium showing the length of time played may run during the match, provided that they are stopped at the end of normal playing time. At the end of normal playing time, the referee shall indicate to the assistant referee either orally or by gesturing with his/her hands, the number of minutes that he/she has decided to allow for time lost.

8. Players and Team kit

  • Name/ be placed on shirt: Family Name, First name, Club/company name
  • In principle, each team shall wear its official team kit as declared on the team colour form. Each player shall wear a number between 1 and 8 on the front and back of his team shirt and on his playing shorts. The colour of the numbers must contrast clearly with the main colour of the shirts and shorts (light on dark or vice versa) and be legible from a distance for spectators in the stadium viewers. It is not compulsory for the name of the player to appear on his shirt.
  • Official and reserve kits (one set of shirts, and shorts). One set of the goalkeeper's kit (shirts and shorts), and goalkeeper's gloves and caps. All players (including goalkeepers) are required to wear shin pads at all times. Only astro-turf boots or moulded studs are allowed. No screw-ins or metal studs
  •  In the event of two teams having similar kits, bibs will be provided to the AWAY team. Eg, DUSA (Home) VS Decathlon (Away)
  • Cuffs, football boots shall be organised by players themselves.
  • During the tournaments, all equipment (kits, gloves, bags, medical equipment, also for substitute players and the technical staff sitting on the bench during the matches) that could be on display in the stadiums, at the training sites.
  • There will be some temperature monitoring and QR code checks on the days leading up to the event as well as at the event. Details to come soon.
  • Lateness: If a team is five minutes late, they concede one own goal, ten minutes late than an additional own goal. Fifteen minutes late = 3-0 Forfeit
  • Keepers may not pick up passes intentionally kicked or thrown by a teammate.
  • Companies shall comply with relevant Regulations in force. The display of political, religious or personal messages or slogans in any language or form by players and officials on their playing or team kits, equipment (including kit bags, beverage containers, medical bags, etc.) or body is prohibited. 

9. Safety and security, insurance, and first aid

Periodic safety checks for the benefit of spectators, players and officials shall be carried out on the stadiums selected for matches in the preliminary competitions by the authorities responsible with relevant safety certificate, which should not be more than one year old.

Organising committee shall organise adequate insurance to cover the team members and any other persons carrying out duties on its behalf against all risks, including but not limited to injury, accident, disease and travel in consideration of the relevant rules or regulations.

Companies shall pay for incidental expenses and for any costs incurred by its Team ensuring that it will participate with the best possible team in all matches.

10. No smoking

Smoking is not permitted in the vicinity of the field of play or within competition areas.

11. Other arrangements

  • Food and beverage court with more choices
  • First Aid Corner
  • Photographer

Throughout Saturday there will be discounted food and soft drinks served at the tournament venue.

At night, every player is invited to the Award Ceremony where all teams will have a BBQ with drinks. You are very welcome to bring along guests for the BBQ at a cost of RMB150 per person.


  • Detailed schedule will come up later.
  • Alternative date is November 7th.
  • DUSA will keep you posted if there is any update with the Tournament.

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