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DUSA European Association Suzhou is delighted to announce that the DUSA Football Tournament 2023 is coming!

DUSA Football Tournament 2023 will be held on April 16th (Sunday).

The location will be at Suzhou Singapore International School

We would like to invite you and your team to participate in this year's tournament.

About DUSA Football Tournament

DUSA Football Tournament is a social event yearly organised with 16 teams participating from member companies. Year 2022 witnessed the DUSA Football Tournament on November 27th in day time followed by Awards Ceremony.

New Features in 2023

DUSA Football Tournament 2023 will be held in April 16th from 8:00-17:00

8:00-12:55 will be Group Stage with 16 teams

13:25-16:25 will be knock-out rounds for 16 teams, Champion (Top 8 teams) and Shield Winner (The other 8 teams)  



How to Register

The tournament will include a maximum of 16 teams (including DUSA-All-Star-Teams) and opens to:



DUSA member companies;


United team which is combined with 2-3 member companies;


Individual members and member companies who don't have enough players to join in our DUSA-All-Star-Team.



Registrants shall confirm their participation by sending the entry form (see Annex), pay and appoint a team captain (for team registrants) before the deadline: March 16th, 2023.


Entry Ticket Price

DUSA member companies | DUSA会员公司 : RMB 2,500 per team

Free for players who will join DUSA All Star team(Limited to 10 people, the availability will be on the base of first book first serve)

It covers following for all players | 报名费用包括:

  • One advertisement flag/plate with company logo on the site of football field 参赛公司现场广告牌/广告旗一块
  • Lunch ticket (8 people) + 1 box of mineral bottle water | 8张球员午餐券+1箱矿泉水;
  • Insurance for one day (8 people, for additional people the relevant fee will be charged)| 比赛日一天的保险(含8人,额外球员额外支付购买);
  • First aid kit and Medical treatment provided on-site | 现场的紧急救助及医疗保障;
  • Champion, Runner-up, and 2nd Runner-up Awards | 冠军、亚军及季军的奖品。
  • Fapiao will be issued by DUSA European Association Suzhou. | 苏州欧洲商会将提供发票。

Tournament rules

 1.       Players: 8 a-side matches (7 outfield players and 1 GK)

参赛队员:8人制联赛 (每队7位队员及1位守门员)。


2.       Substitutions: Rolling substitutions at a stoppage in play, through the referee; No substitution limits



3.       The top 8 teams will compete for the Champion CUP. Another 8 teams will compete for the Shield Winner

前8只球队争夺"杯", 后8只球队争夺"牌";

4.       Match length: Matches will consist of 20 minutes straight for the round robin and 25 minutes (12,5/half 1 minute break) for the KO stage; 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 for a loss.


5.       After the group games, the knock-out rounds will begin in the afternoon. These games will be 25 minutes (12,5/half 1 minute break). At the end of the game if the result is a draw, a penalty shootout will occur.



6.       Penalty Shootout Rules: Only the eight players on the pitch can take part. Each team will take 3 penalties. If the score is still even, then sudden death scenario will occur.



7.       Shin Pads: Players must wear shin pad, the referee must check before the beginning of the match;



8.       Substitutions should be made during dead ball situations. (Have to notify referee)

在出现死球情况下应进行换人 (需要必通知裁判);

9.   FIFA Rules: FIFA rules apply except: a. No offside rule will be applied. b. Walls will be placed at 6 meters for free kicks. c. No slide as long don't create any dangerous action for other players.



10.   No slide tackling. All slides receive automatic yellow card.


*Sliding to stop the ball from going out of play, or to block a shot with no opponent in clear sight is allowed. However, if an opposition player is within range and the slide is deemed a tackle, this will be punished. 


11.   Goalkeepers may slide inside their area.


12.   All referee decisions are final



13.   Points: Teams in each group will play each other once in a round robin format. Teams earn 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss. Teams in each group will then be ranked according to points, followed by head to head, goal difference & goals scored. If teams can still not be separated, league position will be decided by a Penalty shootout – 3 penalty kicks;



14.   Cards: every 2 yellow card one red and skip the next game, direct red skip the next game. The yellow cards cannot accumulate.


*Two yellow cards = One red card | 两张黄牌 = 一张红牌;

One red card = one game suspension | 一张红牌 = 停赛一场;

Two red cards= Disqualification | 两张红牌 = 取消比赛资格;

15.   Timing: Please ensure that your team is ready on the pitch 5min before the schedule; every 5 minutes delay one score against;



16.   Disciplinarian Action: Any ungentlemanly conduct will be ruled by the DUSA tournament organizer; Profanity in any language is discouraged.



17.   On-site spectators to behave in accordance with event standards. Children under 18 years of age should be supervised by adults/parents.


Player rules

·        No limit to roster size | 名册人数无限制;

·        No age limitation for player | 参赛人员无年龄限制;

·        A player may play for only one team | 一位运动员只能效力于一只球队;

·        There will be some temperature monitoring and QR code checks on the days leading up to the event as well as at the event. Details to come soon. | 准备活动时以及比赛当天都需要进行体温量测并检查健康码。具体细节见后续通知;

·        All players (including goalkeepers) are required to wear shin pads at all times.| 所有运动员(包括守门员)都需要始终穿着护腿;

·        Only astro-turf boots or moulded studs are allowed. No screw-ins or metal studs | 只允许穿人造草坪靴子或模制鞋钉的足球鞋。不允许穿带螺丝或者金属鞋钉的鞋子;

·        In the event of two teams having similar kits, bibs will be provided to the AWAY team. | 如果比赛的两只球队服装类似,将为客场球队提供背心。

Lateness | 迟到:

If a team is five minutes late, they concede one own goal, ten minutes late than an additional own goal. Fifteen minutes late = 3-0 Forfeit | 如果有队伍迟到5分钟,让一球,迟到10分钟,让两球,迟到15分钟以上,3:0 结束比赛。

Other Arrangements


Periodic safety checks for the benefit of spectators, players and officials shall be carried out on the stadiums selected for matches in the preliminary competitions by the authorities responsible with relevant safety certificate, which should not be more than one year old.



Organizing committee shall organize adequate insurance to cover the team members and any other persons carrying out duties on its behalf against all risks, including but not limited to injury, accident, disease and travel in consideration of the relevant rules or regulations.



Companies shall pay for incidental expenses and for any costs incurred by its Team ensuring that it will participate with the best possible team in all matches.





Smoking is strictly not permitted in the vicinity of the field of play or within competition areas.





Detailed schedule will come up later.



DUSA will keep you posted if there is any update with the Tournament.


Sponsors and Partners


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