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As a professional, attaining leadership skills is important—and not just for management roles. People often mistakenly equate leadership with management, but there are fundamental differences between the two; they are separate and distinct skill sets. Management involves a focus on executing functions, whereas leadership is about motivating people. In fact, you don't have to have the title of manager or have direct reports to be a leader. You can demonstrate leadership skills in any role. 



Today, every manager is expected not only to be an effective manager but also a leader. In this training course, you may learn two leadership style: Supportive and Directive Approaches. Directive leadership focuses on providing direction to team members. It takes an instructional and task-oriented approach where the leader actively directs the work of the team. When individuals take on a supportive leadership role, they provide their team members with high levels of autonomy and offer further guidance when necessary. Team members are encouraged to take initiative, foster positive team morale, and focus on their professional development. Supportive leaders ensure everyone has the tools and resources they need to. One is not objectively better than the other—it all depends on your work culture, the people you manage, and the situations you encounter.

今天,每个管理者都被期望不仅是一个有效的管理者,而且是一个领导者。在本培训课程中,您将学习两种领导风格: 支持型和指令型。指令型领导侧重于为团队成员提供方向,采用指导性和任务导向的方法积极指导团队的工作。当个人承担起支持型领导角色时,他们会为团队成员提供高度的自主权,并在必要时提供进一步的指导。鼓励团队成员采取主动,培养积极的团队士气,并专注于他们的专业发展。支持型领导确保每个人都有他们需要的工具和资源。客观上并没有哪一个比另一个更好——这完全取决于你的工作文化,你管理的人,以及你遇到的情况。

This training is one module of the certified course of Carnegie. Every trainee will receive the certificate signed by DUSA and Carnegie after the training. With this certificate, you can have training fee reduction by RMB 1,000 if you take other Carnegie courses. | 本课程是卡内基认证课程的一个模块。在培训结束后,每位学员将获得由DUSA和卡内基签发的培训证书。凭此证书参加卡内基的其他课程可以减免1000元学费。

Outline | 培训大纲

Developing Personal Leadership | 发展自己的领导力

  • Understand the differences between leadership and management. | 了解管理与领导及其成功推动器
  • Describe leadership experiences and values | 分享领导经验与价值观
  • "Innerview" to begin the communication and build up trust. | 运用 "心谈" 来开启沟通建立信任。 

Two leadership styles: Supportive and Directive Approaches | 两种领导力风格: 支持型和指令型

  • Understand the differences between supportive leadership and directive leadership | 了解支持型领导和指令型领导的差异
  • Evaluate how different people will respond to these two leadership style | 评估不同人对这两种风格的反应
  • Apply directive coaching to close behavior gaps | 会应用指令型辅导消弭行为的鸿沟
  • Avoid the coaching sidetracks | 避免偏离主题
  • Apply supportive coaching to create buy-in | 应用支持型辅导让人同意我们的想法。

Target Audience | 目标学员

  • Anyone who is interesting in the supportive leadership and directive leadership. | 对支持型领导力风格和指令型领导力风格有兴趣的职场人士;
  • Anyone who has plan to develop personal leadership | 有计划发展自己的领导力的职场人士;


Chinese | 中文

Event Registration | 活动注册

  • There are only 35 seats for this training. Please register for it at your earliest convenience. | 本次培训仅有35个座位,请尽早注册。



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