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"时光机"聚会系列第一站:职场新生碰撞'老法师' -DUSA DARE 活动在2023年12月成功举办通过此次活动,"职场新生" 和 "老法师"就职场上遇到的一些问题进行了探讨,相互学习,增进了解。该系列活动的"第二站"将于4月10日开启,本次活动将关注如何解决"职场新生"和"老法师"间的冲突。欢迎参加过"第一站"的各位会员继续报名参加,也欢迎对这个话题感兴趣的会员加入我们的讨论。

The first stop in the "Time Machine" party series: Freshmen in the workplace collide with the 'Old Master' - the DUSA DARE event was successfully held in December 2023. Through this activity, "freshmen" and "old masters" discussed some questions encountered in the workplace, learned from each other, and enhanced understanding. The "second stop" of this series of events will start on April 10. This event will focus on how to solve the conflict between the "freshmen" and "Old masters". Members who have participated in the "first stop" are welcome to continue to sign up. Meanwhile, members who are interested in this topic are also welcome to join our discussion.

Event Highlight | 活动亮点

  • 学习之旅,改变由此开启:多元化的学习平台上,我们以小组讨论、行动计划、后续跟踪、复盘反馈和持续改进为主轴,让你在学习的过程中不断进步,实现自我蜕变。

The learning journey, change starts here: On the diversified learning platform, we focus on group discussions, action plans, follow-up, feedback and continuous improvement, allowing you to continue to make progress in the learning process and achieve self-transformation.

  • 发现自己的独特魅力:在学习的旅程中,你将有机会深入探索自己的沟通风格和行为倾向。让我们一起揭开你潜在的能量和独特的天赋!

Discover unique yourself: During the learning journey, you will have the opportunity to deeply explore your own communication style and behavioral tendencies. Uncover your latent energy and unique talents together!

  • 挑战自己的成长之路:这是一个锻炼的好机会。通过把自己有心得的领域知识和经验转化为短课程,你将有机会向经验丰富的"老法师"们传授知识。展现你的才华,让成长之路更加光彩!

Challenge yourself: This is a great opportunity to exercise. By converting your knowledge and experience into short courses, you will have the opportunity to impart knowledge to experienced professionals. Show your talents and make your growth path more glorious!

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欢迎大家报名参加: "时光机"聚会系列第二站:职场新生碰撞'老法师' -DUSA DARE 活动,邀你一同穿越时空,体验激情四溢的职场盛宴! 

Welcome everyone to attend this DUSA DARE Event to experience a passionate workplace feast!

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