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How to make your team to work together towards a common goal?

您希望团队能够相互协作,为了 共同的目标而努力吗?

How to enable your team members to develop strengths to form a perfect team?

您希望团队成员能够扬长避短, 建设完美团队吗?

How to encourage your team members to help each other and improve capabilities together?


How to empower your team to communicate well with customers well and achieve customers goal to reflect value?

您希望团队能够和客户通过良好 的沟通,达成客户目标,从而体现价值吗?

How your team can deliver high quality systems quickly in an agile way?

你希望团队可以通过敏捷的方 式,快速交付高质量的系统吗?



  • Go deep to the core of the agile - the Agile Manifesto
  • 深入讲解敏捷的核心——敏捷宣言
  • Coach team members on how to better understand business requirements
  • 指导团队成员如何更好地理解业务需求
  • Stimulate the potential of your team members
  • 激发团队成员的潜力
  • Improve communication skills of team members
  • 提升团队成员的沟通能力
  • Apply Kanban in agile teams
  • 讲述如何在敏捷团队中应用看板方法

Program Features:


This program will use experiential training to lead you to learn about agile, Belbin and Kanban methods in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, discovering the strengths of yourself, others and the team, establishing higher goals, and develop a detailed plan to implement in the future.

本次课程会采用体验式培训的方 式,带领大家在轻松、愉快的气氛下,学习敏捷、贝尔宾以及看板方法相 关的知识,发现自己、他人以及团队的优势所在,确立更高的目标,并为 之制定详细的计划,在日后具体执行。



  1. What is agile? 什么是敏捷?
  2. Deep analysis of the Agile Manifesto 敏捷宣言深度解析
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools 个体与交互高于流程和工具
  • Working software over full documentation 可以工作的软件高于面面俱到的文档
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation 客户合作高于合同谈判
  • Responding to change over following a plan 响应变化高于遵循计划

3.The importance of individual 个体的重要性

  • Aspects of individual capacity improvement 个体能力提升的方面
  • Hard skills 硬技能
  • Soft skills 软技能
  • Methods of individual improvement 个体提升的方法
  • learning 学习
  • thinking 思考
  • sharing 分享
  • T type talents T型人才

4.Team roles 团队角色

  • Belbin team role assessment
  • 贝尔宾团队角色测评
  • There is no perfect individual, only the perfectteam. 没有完美的个人,只有完美的团队
  • Cross-functional team 跨职能团队
  • Cross-organizational team 跨组织架构的团队

5.Clarification of the misunderstanding of Agile 对敏捷的误解澄清

  • Agile is to have a standing meeting 敏捷就是开站会
  • Agile is to Kanban 敏捷就是用看板
  • Agile is not writing documents 敏捷就是不写文档
  • Agile is rapid development t敏捷就是快速开发

6.Kanban Method (Pizza Game )看板方法(披萨饼游戏)

  • The core concept of Kanban method
  • 看板方法的核心理念
  • Process visualization 流程可视化
  • Restrictions on WIP 限制在制品
  • Pull system 拉动系统
  • Process management 管理流程


Only a few seats left. This is the last call of the Training/HR Circle Workshop.

Belbin assessment will be sent 1~2 week (s) prior to the training/HR Circle Workshop to all registered attendees.





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