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Dear DUSA Members and Friends,

We are delighted to invite you to attend DUSA Training "Business Simulation Games: Finance for non-finance managers - the art of making swift and accurate decisions for growth and profitability!" on Friday, October 23rd, 2020.

Managers are often promoted among employees with high potential and great performance, possessing sound technical knowledge and excellent work ethic, and a great desire to be better. The challenge now is to become a "great manager", which requires: 许多经理都是从高绩效和高潜质员工中提升起来的。他们具有扎实的专业知识和优秀的职业道德,同时也有强烈地提升自己的意愿。但合适的经理和领导则更需要在财务敏锐度及在内外各方的协调协作方面增强提升,具体包括以下几点。

  • a helicopter view of the business, its operations and the financial value flows; 对业务的宏观认识,包括运营及财务价值流;
  • an understanding of optimisation of resource utilisation, and financial acumen to make sense of alternative uses of resources; 理解资源利用的最优化以及资源的替代使用;
  • understanding how costs need to be managed and how the own department budget, targets and resources elate to the performance of company as a whole; 了解如何管理成本以及本部门的预算,目标和资源如何影响整个公司的绩效;
  • a deep understanding of financial levers and tools that the company deploys to implement company's short- and long-term strategies; 深刻理解公司为实施短期和长期战略而部署的财务杠杆和工具;
  • having a clear picture of how the company is positioned in the competitive marketplace, and how the company stays ahead of competition. 清楚了解公司如何在竞争激烈的市场中定位,以及如何在竞争中保持领先。

Training Method 培训方式

This training is conducted in the form of the MANAGEMENT GAME.  本次培训采用"管理沙盘"的形式进行。

The MANAGEMENT GAME is a powerful and fun way to build company-wide business acumen, resulting in improved commitment to goals, higher productivity and better decision-making. "管理沙盘"是一种强大而有趣的方式,可以让学员通过该培训方式建立公司范围内的业务敏锐度,从而提高对目标的承诺,提高生产率和更好地制定决策。

This hands-on-simulation takes the mystery out of business finance. Participants learn how capital

circulates through a company as well as learning what balance sheet, income statement and cash flow

statement tell about a firm's performance, status and health. 

通过操作沙盘对企业的实际运营进行模拟,消除了企业融资的神秘性。 参与者可以直观地了解资本如何通过公司进行流通,并了解什么资产负债表,损益表和现金流量表,以及这些报表如何说明公司的业绩和财务健康状况。

Through the MANAGEMENT GAME participants gain a deeper sense of how their decisions affect growth and profitability of their company. 通过"管理沙盘",参与者可以更深刻地了解他们的决定如何影响公司的增长和盈利能力。

Benefit to participants 参与者的收获

  1. Improved expense control and new ideas to reduce costs; 改进费用控制并激发降低成本的新想法;
  2. Better decisions for resource allocation with more buy-in from each department; 每个部门都有更多的支持,可以做出更好的资源分配决策;
  3. A higher sensitivity to cash flow and management of cash collection from customers; 提高对现金流和客户现金管理的敏感性
  4. Improved budgeting skills; 提高预算编制技巧;
  5. A higher acceptance of performance metrics and their significance; 更好的理解绩效指标及其重要性;
  6. A higher awareness of the competitive situation and advantages of their own company; 更好地认识自己公司的竞争状况和优势;
  7. Greater appreciation of other departments' work and higher level of collaboration; 对其他部门的工作更加赞赏,从而提高部门间的协作水平
  8. A higher degree of acceptance for the decisions by finance department; 财务部门对决策的接受程度更高
  9. Improved awareness of the company value chain; 增强对公司价值链的认识;
  10. Enhanced overall business literacy. 增强整体业务素养。


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  • Mr. James Dong (Leadership and Play Learning Consultant, Facilitator at Game Solution)

    Mr. James Dong

    Leadership and Play Learning Consultant, Facilitator at Game Solution

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