Power BI Desktop is a cloud-based data visualization and business intelligence tool from Microsoft. It can complete all processes of data analysis, including data acquisition, data cleaning, modeling and visualizing. It provides nontechnical business users and individuals with tools for data analysis and decision making.


This course will discuss the various methods and best practices that are in line with business requirements for modeling, visualizing, and analyzing data with Power BI, such as Power Query, Power Pivot and Power View.

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Power BI Desktop,是微软官方推出的可视化数据探索和交互式报告工具。它能实现数据分析的所有流程,包括对数据的获取、清洗、建模和可视化展示,从而来帮助个人或企业来对数据进行分析,用数据驱动业务,做出正确的决策。

本教程旨在帮助了解和理解Power BI(包括Power Query Power Pivot、Power View)的使用功能和应用技巧,从而掌握基本的数据处理能力、数据建模分析能力、数据可视化呈现能力,助您乘上数据分析之路的快速直通车。

Who is this course for? | 课程适用对象

This course is for business intelligence professionals who need to analyze data and present data in marketing and sales, administration, human resources, financial accounting, warehousing, logistics and etc.  Participants should have experience in data analysis in Excel. Familiarity with Pivot Tables is a plus, but is not required.


Your Benefits of Attending | 课程收益

  • Learn to summarize and edit data quickly among multiple worksheets and multiple workbooks by Power Query; | 掌握通过Power Query 快速对多工作表、多工作簿数据的进行汇总编辑;
  • Learn to model and analyze data by Power Pivot and be familiar with the DAX function; | 掌握通过Power Pivot 建立数据模型并进行数据分析的方法,熟悉DAX函数的应用;
  • Learn to create eye-catching visualization diagrams by Power View. | 掌握通过Power View 快速制作数据图表技术,学会创建引人注目的可视化图表。

Training Outline | 课程大纲

  • Brief introduction about the data analysis | 学习准备—认识数据分析;
  •  Integrated application of PQ/PP/PV | 系统学习—PQ/PP/PV综合应用;
  1. Import data to PQ | 导入数据到PQ
  2. Sort data by PQ | 用PQ整理数据
  3. Model and link the data | 如何建立模型/关联数据
  4. Data classification | 数据分类
  5. Data calculation: functions | 数据计算:函数
  6. Diagrams selection, using and layout | 图表的选择,使用和布局
  •  Case Study - Power BI application in HR management | 实战应用—Power BI在人力资源中的应用.

Registration and payment

The seats are limited, please register for this training as early as possible. | 该培训仅有有限席位,请尽早注册。

The e-invoice will be sent to you one week after the event. | 电子发票将在培训结束后一周内发送给您。


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Cancellation Policy

If you register for an event but can't attend, please do let us know in advance. If you cancel 1 day before the event, there will be NO cancellation fee. DUSA will charge 100% of the registration fee for cancellation within 24 hours.

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