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Dear DUSA Members and Friends,

This is the last call of DUSA Online Training "Power BI Desktop: Business Big Data Visualization" on July 2.

Course Introduction | 课程介绍

Power BI Desktop is a cloud-based Data Visualization and Business Intelligence tool from Microsoft. It provides nontechnical business users with tools for aggregating, analyzing, visualizing and sharing data. Power BI's user interface is fairly intuitive for users familiar with Excel and its deep integration with other Microsoft products makes it a very versatile self-service tool. Power BI Desktop connects with more than 65 databases and more than 85 visible reports. Power BI consists of a Windows desktop application called Power BI Desktop, an online SaaS (Software as a Service) called the Power BI service, and mobile Power BI apps available on phones and tablets. Currently, Power BI has been widely used in many industries - retail, insurance, manufacturing, transportation and education. In the future, mastering the application of Power BI will become not only a necessary skill for data analysts, but also the manifestation of ability for professionals.


This training course will introduce the methods of data analysis and data presentation in Power BI, such as data processing, data modeling and data visualization.

Power BI Desktop,是微软官方推出的可视化数据探索和交互式报告工具。核心理念就是让我们用户不需要强大的技术背景,只需要掌握Excel这样好用的工具就能快速上手商业大数据分析及可视化。它是构建在微软Azure公有云上的SaaS服务,无缝连接超过65个的数据库,超过85张的可视化报表。可以在PC端、移动端、手机端随时随地查看数据。Power BI在推出的短时间内就受到企业的青睐和广泛使用,覆盖零售、保险、制造、交通、教育等各行各业。未来,掌握Power BI的应用不仅仅会成为数据分析人员的必备技能,也是能力的一种体现。

本课程主要培训数据分析与数据呈现的Power BI软件应用技能,培养满足企业业务需要的数据分析与可视化技能,例如良好的数据处理、数据建模分析、数据可视化能力。

Who is this course for? | 课程适用对象

This course is for people who need to analyze data and present data in marketing and sales, administration, human resources, financial accounting, warehousing, logistics and etc.  Participants should have experience in data analysis in Excel. Familiarity with Pivot Tables is a plus, but is not required.


Training Outline | 课程大纲

  1. Brief introduction and installation of Power BI Desktop | Power BI Desktop 简介及安装
  2. Import data or model to Power BI Desktop | 从模型或数据导入到Power BI Desktop
  3. Sort and standardize data with query editor | 使用查询编辑器整理规范数据 
  4. Introduction of visual charts in Power BI Desktop (Cards, Slicers, Tree Maps, Bar Chats, Word Cloud and etc.) | 可视化图表(卡片图、切片器、树状图、条形图、文字云等)
  5. Creating the online Power BI reports | 生成在线版Power BI报表   
  6. How to add Power BI Dash Board into slides in PowerPoint? | 如何将Power BI仪表盘放到PPT里? 

Registration and payment

An e-mail with a Zoom meeting ID will be sent to you after you successfully registered. Please ensure your e-mail address is valid, and try also to check your junk mail just in case. | 注册成功后您将会收到一封包含会议ID的邮件。请确认您的邮件地址正确,并请检查该邮件是否在您的垃圾邮箱里。

The e-invoice will be sent to you one week after the event. | 电子发票将在活动结束后一周内发送给您。

Please kindly note that the e-invoice (general VAT invoices) will be provided to the DUSA training. Special VAT invoices can be issued when the training registration fee is not less than RMB 1,000. Please make additional application to service team for special VAT invoices. | 培训发票统一为普票。如需要专票,要满足至少1000元的额度,并额外向我们工作人员申请。

Thank you for your understanding. | 谢谢理解。


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Cancellation Policy

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