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Dear DUSA Members and Friends,

This is the last call of DUSA Training "Four Types of Problems" on August 6th. 

After 100 years' development of modern problem solving, we acknowledged hundreds of principles, concepts and methods for the problem solving. However, is it becoming more and more explicit for us how to solve problems in our organizations? Actually, it turned into the opposite way. The more methods we acquire, the more puzzles and confusing we get. | 现代问题解决经过了百年的发展,已经让我们获得了成百上千种问题解决的原则、概念及方法。然而, 对我们来说,在组织中如何解决问题变得更清晰了吗?事实上,恰好相反,我们所获知的方法越多,就会有更多的疑惑和难解之题。


Especially for modern organizations, they are becoming bigger and bigger, facing more and more complex situations compared with a hundred years ago. Only by asking "what is your problem" which is a very significant milestone-like question used by a lot of Toyota senseis for decades, however, is not enough for current organizations anymore. | 特别对于现代组织,相比百年前的企业,他们的规模越来越大,要面对越来越多纷繁复杂的状况。仅仅通过询问 "你的问题是什么" 对现在的企业已经远远不够了。尽管这是许多丰田大师几十年来一直使用的,且具有里程碑意义的重要问题。

What makes a manager more headaches is not only how to handle a single problem, but also how to make his organization able to self-adapt and self-develop, how to build up related capabilities, by using what kind of management system and leadership behavior to support, based on what kind of mind-set and culture, through improving which process or work. | 让管理者更头疼的不仅仅是如何处理单独的问题,而且还包括他的组织要基于何种理念和文化,通过改进哪个流程或工作,去建立怎样的能力,并如何利用管理系统和领导力行为来支持,才能使组织自我适应和发展。

Thanks to Lean Master, Mr. Art Smalley, he provided a new aspect viewing problem solving in his latest book "Four types of problems" published in US in 2018. The main Chinese translator of this book, Mr. Victor Zhou, project director from fischer Consulting, will share this appealing structure with us during this training. | 所幸 Art Smalley先生于2018年在美国出版的最新著作《四种类型的问题》中为我们提供了一个问题解决的新角度。此书的中文版主要译者,来自fischer Consulting的项目总监Victor Zhou将在这次培训中与我们分享这一有趣的结构。 

Training Purpose | 培训目的

  • To provide companies a new structure to have a more comprehensive view of problem solving; | 为企业在问题解决中提供一种新的结构,使其对问题解决有更全面的认识;
  • To share the concepts that problem solving should not only be a pure technique or tool, but also should be related to the management system and culture of an organization; | 分享问题解决的概念,它不只是纯粹的技术或工具,而更应与组织的管理体系和文化相关;
  • To have more opportunities to share Lean and problem solving knowledge to support the growth of Lean in China. | 获得更多分享精益和问题解决知识的机会,以支持精益在中国的发展。

Benefit to participants | 参与者的收获

  • A bright new and useful structure for the problem solving; | 一种全新,实用的问题解决结构;
  • Able to distinguish different types of problems in one's organization to make problem solving more efficient and effective; | 能够识别组织中不同类型的问题,使问题解决更有效果、有效率;
  • More scientific way of handling Troubleshooting, Gap from the standard problem solving; | 更具体的问题解决的方法,与标准问题解决的差距;
  • Deep thinking in management system and leadership behavior for different types of problem solving, helping to build up self-adapted and self-developed organization. | 四种类型问题解决中领导力行为和管理体系的深度思考,帮助建立自适应的和自发展的组织。


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